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Spiel- und erzählbasierte, interaktive Selbstlerner-Online-Plattform für Tschechisch, Polnisch und Litauisch mit multimedialen, interaktiven Sprachlernübungen für Sprachabenteurer von 7 - 77
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The project seeks to make accessible interactive materials designed for independent learning of the languages CZ, PL and LT. The focus is on: a) Polish, Czech and Lithuanian bilingual or migrant families, whose children learn Czech, Polish or Lithuanian outside their country of origin; and b) people with whom they come into contact in their host country. Initial surveys have demonstrated that in bilingual families in particular, the ‘lesser’ language is frequently not spoken in a consistent manner, and that the potential that bilingual children offer (as mediators between two cultures) in relation to learning further languages, is not recognised or promoted within the establishments of the host country. The project seeks to support the work of associations that endeavour to foster language in the host country, to offer innovative language learning materials for the specific learning needs of these target groups and to convince more of the families concerned of the value of bilingualism for personal development. Citizens in the European ‘host countries’ are to be encouraged to use the opportunity to foster contact with bilingual families and to learn these lesser European languages. Teachers and students coming into contact with the children and the other parent in mixed-language families benefit from what the project offers.The ultimate goal is a self-learning portal with multimedia, interactive exercises for a number of entry levels, which can be put together as part of a personalised learning plan using a database, and which also has a ‘mobile’ vocabulary trainer. In addition to new content, elements of the successful interactive learning games ‘ABC-Linguatour’ and ‘lost in’ are to be adapted for online use and made accessible to new target groups. The learning content is precisely tailored to the target groups on the basis of a needs analysis. The description of the learning tasks and exercises using didactical criteria makes it possible to produce a personalised learning plan.

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