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Spicing Up Vocational Training
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The project proposed aims to form an innovative synergy between various fields of expertise for the purpose of establishing a multifaceted vocational training in cooking for the target group suffering from mental illness, which can beyond objection be considered as marginalized when it comes to the labour market. The consortium hereby pushes towards surpassing the classical understanding of vocational training as a narrow process of acquiring technical professional knowledge, and it does so by introducing a simulation methodology for experiential learning to the operative aspect of vocational training to facilitate the acquirement of frequently underestimated soft skills. Concrete materials to be developed, produced and implemented in the framework of the project thus consist of an integral set of didactic tools for further application in different contexts. The vocational training model proposed shall therefore acquire its institutional form as a teaching manual with complete overview of each of the training modules, which shall be accompanied by a trainees textbook. The partners will also produce a teaching DVD and informative website not only to assist teachers with their pedagogic work, but also to disseminate the project within an imaginative public communication strategy. Since partner network is combined in such a way to demand for knowledge dissemination, partners will distribute responsibilities and tasks accordingly, some conceptually developing the curriculum and methodology, whereas others applying it through the pilot training, which will allow for the innovative partner synergy to optimize mutual expertise to the outmost level. And finally, concrete benefits of the project for the pilot trainees could be defined as cognitive (knowledge about nutrition, diet), social (interaction, work hierarchy, group dynamics) and practical (preparation and serving of food and beverages).
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