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Spedytor i elektryk w Zespole Szkół nr 5 w Rudzie Śląskiej specjalistami na miarę współczesnej Europy.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Zespół Szkół nr 5 in Ruda Śląska is located in a very unique district. We have defined our students' needs for in terms of vocational education. We want to provide the tools for our students in order to gain vocational, communicative and cultural competence, and thus, allow them a better start on the labor market not only in the region and Poland but in Europe as well. The project "Spedytor i elektryk z Zespole Szkół nr 5 w Rudzie Śląskiej specjalistami na miarę współczesnej Europy" is the first project written by the teachers of our school for the purpose of meeting our students' needs. This project is a part of our school's European development plan. The international internship offer has been prepared for 42 students in the following profiles: forwarding technician and electrician technician. As our partner we chose the company Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte mbH founded in 1997, which specializes in organizing internships for students of technical schools and vocational schools as well as training courses for teachers of general and vocational subjects. The participants are both boys and girls. Most of the students come from Ruda Śląska. They come from working class families of average wealth, often involved with the mining industry. The potential participants are students with difficulties in learning, lacking motivation to expand their knowledge and increase their qualifications due a difficult situation on the local job market. The current situation in the mining industry further heightens their negative attitude towards education and lowers their self-esteem. The basic need for the participants is to learn how to become proactive, self-motivating and to have the skills to invest in themselves. Therefore this project aims at: increasing practical skills and social competence in order to give them advantage on the job market as well as getting work experience in the international environment. The participation in the project will allow the students to get necessary qualifications for the prospect of future employment; to develop an internship program to fit employers' requirements; to enhance the skill of using German language; to build the participants' self-confidence to move freely in the job market; to improve vocational education; to expand the school's offer and to raise its prestige in the local community; to establish partnership between the vocational school and companies; to expand knowledge about the German culture and customs. The participants of the project will have the opportunity to undergo training in conditions that cannot be provided by either our school or local companies. This will raise their competitiveness on the job market. In addition to the vocational learning in renowned enterprises, the students will learn about business of German companies, their structure, management, rules of communication, characteristics about particular jobs, and different standards of carrying out supervisors' instructions. Over the course of the training they will also discover new methods of building a company's image and new marketing strategies. An important benefit for the students will be the opportunity to see the latest technologies, tools, methods of production or services and completing official documentation used in their field. During the training, the students will have the opportunity to compare the German and the Polish industry practices and to verify their theoretical knowledge in the practical field, as well as enhancing their skills in using the German language. The students participating in the traineeships will receive valuable certificates attesting their vocational and communicative competence. We shall make our best effort to make all the necessary preparations, logistics-wise. A selection committee will be formed, with the school principal in charge. The whole project will be supervised by the coordinator. The project will be monitored on an ongoing basis. We are planning to share the results of the project with the local community. The project's results will be shared with the community through: films, photos, memories posted on the school website, school papers in display cases, parent-teacher conferences, school assemblies. Moreover, the information about the skills gained by the students will be used in the school's promotional material, during open days and other school events. For the evaluation purposes, a new team of teachers will be formed. Their job will be to develop proper tools to assess the usefulness of the project for its participants. Evaluation will be conducted on a regular basis after each mobility in order to assess and improve the quality of work during traineeships. We assume that the project will influence other students as well as the teachers and stimulate their interest, and thus, the future mobilities will stimulate the interest of the whole school community.

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