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Special care for special needs
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main motto of the project activities can be described as: we do care for disabled children and youth, no matter what nationality we are, what culture we come from. The project activities link young people’s motivation to learn and gain new experiences with activities of 5 special education institutions for children and youth with disabilities. Project activities will bring together volunteers and partner organizations from 11 different countries, which guarantees that strong intercultural dimension will be present in all activities of the project. Ten long-term European Voluntary Service activities and a study visit for 28 youth workers (EVS project coordinators, EVS tutors in ROs) in Poland are a direct result of evaluation meetings of previous joint EVS projects of the applicant organization and receiving as well as sending organizations involved in this project. All planned activities (long-term EVS and study visit) aim to enable an exchange of experience in order to improve the quality of youth work with volunteers and further promote solidarity and social inclusion. The project puts special attention to one of the main features of Erasmus+ program - promoting inclusion of disadvantaged or fewer opportunities groups. The project also aims to strengthen mobility of young people from very different countries, program and partner countries combined. It gives learning opportunity and opens the institutional world of special education to those young people who feel strongly about inclusion and want to try support it through volunteering. EVS activities aim also to create the possibilities for volunteers to gain new key competence by involving them to ROs teams, introducing them to the work and procedures, and give them space to introduce own ideas. Active participation of volunteers not only in ROs but also in the study visit will widen the scope of possible learning experiences for the volunteers. Partner’s holistic support of volunteers’ development as well as in the study visit will ensure exchange of experience and further promotion of solidarity and social inclusion. Moreover, the quality of the project itself will be constantly monitored by its own participants through engagement of all volunteers and organization in the joint activity. All volunteers will have a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge about the special education and special care. While supporting teachers they can develop their awareness of special needs, which is the aim of all selected volunteers. This knowledge can be also extended during the study visit, in which our volunteers will play the key role. They will be actively involved into organizational process, as contact with partners, volunteers and special education institutions from their countries. Their task will be also to help their ROs teams to prepare study visit program and also to present special educational systems and volunteering in special education in their countries. Participating in this study visit will help volunteers to improve their public speaking skills as well as to develop managing and organizational competencies. European and international partners will contribute valuable information on comparison of the role of volunteering in special education in 11 different countries. All project results, from volunteers’ learning achievements, new ideas and tools created during project activities will be disseminated amongst young people in Poland and sending countries. Polish local community members, especially children & youth, will discover various European countries through socializing with European volunteers, through intercultural activities organized by volunteers and through participation in the study visit final, open day, where we plan to invite representatives of local special education institutions, organizations promoting volunteering and those mainstreaming disabilities.
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