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Speak up!
Start date: Aug 2, 2016, End date: Nov 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We invite you to a journey through Europe. Are you ready? Project Speak up! is based on the current European social climate with ongoing increasing manifestations of hatred, intolerance, abuse of human and civil rights.Project Speak up! we want to reach young Europeans aged 14 to 18 years. The project will involve young people with fewer opportunities as well as from disadvantaged backgrounds from Slovakia, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic. The title of the project - Hovor nahlas - Speak up! - we have chosen to be so attractive and motivating at the same time for a young person to talk about important issues, not close their eyes before these topics, and actively participate in activities. The main priority and the idea is based on the current need to shape young Europeans. Inside of activities on international level we want to draw in the young people and to create for them interesting place in the heart of Europe, where they will be on the background of important topics through various activities to get to know the country, culture, new friends. The main task of this project is to motivate young people and through non-formal education methods and participatory learning activities introduce them how the EU works, teach them citizen and human rights, lead them towards mutual understanding, tolerance, elimination of prejudices, to gain important life skills – how to listen to others, think critically, communicate, so that they learn these knowledges and understand them by own experience and let them become part of their everyday life as true European citizens.Project wants to achieve that young people will contribute by small steps towards their own development and also to the development of the world around us as well as to encourage then other young people to participation in their surroundings through ambassador projects. ObjectivesIncrease the knowledge of young people which they have received in formal education in the field of human rights and enable them to acquire new skills, information and link them with practice.Lead young people to the promotion of human and civil rights through interesting and attractive way for them.Through playful methods of pedagogy, experiential methods and practical actions to bring young people of different cultures, cultural stereotypes, prejudices and thus prevent intolerance and extremist acting.Lead young people to think critically, to be initiative, to a defense of human rights and active participation in the area of ​​civil society.To focus the attention of young people to non-respect of human rights and to various forms of discrimination, racism, hatred manifestations.Support mutual understanding between young people in different countries.Promote European cooperation in the youth work field.Promote teamwork in solving the problems raised, to be able to evaluate their skills and on this basis to split the tasks in the team, to look for their career according to their skills, to listen, respect and critically analyze other proposals in order to find the best solution to the problem.Try to work in an international team, improve their language skills and also learn about other countries

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