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Spatial Citizenship
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

The project develops and evaluates online modules for teacher education / in service training for use across a variety of subjects and distributes these to institutions involved in teacher training. Modules are based on 1) a thorough examination of the geoinformation society and its consequences for everyday lives 2) the development of a competence model and a relevant curriculum based on the results of this examination and 3) the development and evaluation of materials to sustain this curriculum. Through reference to INSPIRE the project provides educational concepts to further the use European spatial data infrastructures.The curriculum will basically include materials in four dimensions:- Basic concepts of spatialities- Spatial thinking- GI-enabled Spatial citizenship - spatial communication- GI-enabled Spatial citizenship - participationThe curriculum and materials shall enable teachers of the subjects of citizenship education and geography to contribute to a more active participation in democratic decision-making through the reflected use of (digital) spatial representations by the individual.The materials developed will be tested/evaluated across the network of partners in existing in service training / teacher training courses at the respective institutions, and the materials will be published free and online for use in teacher training courses across Europe.

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