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Southern Baltic TechnOlympics (SoBaTO)
Start date: Dec 31, 2012, End date: Dec 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this project we want to establish our existing concept of the German "TechnOlympiade" into the South Baltic dimension. It is an event to arouse teenagers interest in technics and innovation by doing a competition. It´s also a way for a number of SMEs in the region to find clever and talented pupils that may be their skilled workers of tommorow. In this way they can get in contact with each other. Since this concept is already running for six years in North Germany in a very successful way, it is the time to make it international and show it to other countries in the South Baltic Region that want to implement it, too. Another reason to make it cross border is, that the participants of the "Southern Baltic TechnOlympics" should learn something about the other countries of the Region with its different cultures so that they also notice the diversity and also the opportunities that are given by the South Baltic Area. Our objectives are clear: At first we want to arouse interest in technics and innovation, logistics and maritimes and also for the studies in this area. The participants should also get in contact with companies that need talented people in the future.We also want to promote the importance and attractiveness of these themes for the future of the South Baltic Region (teenagers are the skilled workers of tomorrow!) A central goal is also that the teenagers should get in contact with each other and get in contact with other cultures and nations and build a crossborder network. To realize these objectives we will bring our concept to the partners and internationalise it with their additional ideas. This internationalised concept will be implemented as the "Southern Baltic TechnOlympics" three times. Always one of the partner will be the organisator of this event and the other partners will bring teenagers from their countries to implement the TechnOlympics in the european way. Our target group includes teenagers at the age of 14 to 18, because they are in an orientation phase and often don´t know yet what they will do in their future. So this is a good age to show them some possibilities for their future life.The main results will be the aroused interest in our presented themes and a better knowledge about them and the thereto connected possibilities and chances. Another main result will also be the existing network between the teenagers from the different countries and also between them and the companies. So the cross-border relevance is clear, too. Skilled workers are needed today and will be needed tomorrow in the whole South Baltic region, so we will bring teenagers together with each other and with companies in an european framework and in this way support to work on this problem. Implementing this event in an european way is obviously more effective than doing it only national. Achievements: The SoBaTo - Danish, German and Polish team is capturing the idea of what the future SB-SoBaTo concept shall be. First of all from the German model. Next step is a SoBaTo adventure in Schwerin the 26th. October 2013 from were ideas and issues will be evaluated. Another part in this work has focused on communication – not just how to communicate with the target group also what? For the SoBaTo made the slogan: "Tech your future - let the adventure begin with SoBaTo"First SoBaTo where held in Schwerin October 2013 and with success. Very well organized. From here all partners bring ideas to the next SoBaTo to be held in Gdansk March 2014. In Schwerin the companies and pupils where use to the concept and it will be very interesting to see how it is adopted in Poland. We are progressing as planned – both meeting with Schools, pupils and companies – as well as with other similar events. All participants from SoBaTo Schwerin gave us positive feedback.The 2nd SoBaTo event is held i Gdansk Poland and with succes, due to the positive feedback from participant - the young once and the companies. The PP3 did very fine job in creation of the 2nd SoBaTo. Everything we learned from this event we bring into the next event i Bornholm, Denmark. But here we also will try to test new ideas. Another idea that we like to test is how to keep in contact with the youth between the SoBaTos. The communication and the working together between partners is very positive.In this period we for filled new planes described in the major changes which included a web game and two researches. The last of the three SoBaTo events were held on Bornholm and we have workout a SoBaTo concept, plus a number of ideas for future projects. We have been fortuned by a lot of young people, who have found the SoBaTo events very interesting!

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