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Sound Identifying Learner's Values in Europe

Schools have always aimed at highlighting and transferring values to their pupils. Butpupils often construct their own identity and values outside school contexts in the realmof popular and youth culture. Music in particular is an important means of identityconstruction and value sharing which mass media has known for several decades.The goal of this project is to introduce the music important to the learners into the schoolcontext as a tool for values transfer and discussion. Instead of taking a unidirectionalapproach on value transfer, the project will emphasize the existence and richness ofintercultural diversity. The regional and social varieties in European Union will be takenas an example. Possible values to discuss are in the areas of belief, diversity, humanrights. Publishers as Walter Freeman call music the biotechnology of group formation,William Benzon calls music a medium to bring people together.The final idea is to train the trainers and teach trainees in order to pick up the pupils intheir own world.The outcome during the project will be student mobility in initial teacher training, as abasis for action research. This will happen in 2009, the European year of Creativity andInnovation. The outcome after the project will be a Comenius Course practicalintercultural approach of value-discussion by means of music with a Comenius Coursefor 5 consecutive years to learn and to train this approach. This course will be open toteachers, teacher trainers and teacher trainees to have an as large as possible impact.Online there will be a website with course material based on the project and aknowledge base of examples of good practice. This website will also function as ameeting place with room for discussion for people who will follow one of the ComeniusCourses during the 5 consecutive years.

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