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Start date: Oct 31, 2016, End date: Jan 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Utrera City Council aims at giving the possibility to a group of youth in the municipality to develop a stay of quality vocational training in companies in various EU countries, with the primary aim of developing their social/labor skills and increase their professional expertise, to contribute to greater employability and, therefore, to promote the employment of young participants on their return.Beyond these fundamental objectives, SOMOS EUROPA will achieve certain specific goals:- Offer a training experience for young people with labor integration difficulties.- Offer a socio-cultural experience that will improve the socio-cultural skills of young people.- Give young people the opportunity to "recycle" competences in sectors with good opportunities for professional development.- Promoting language learning through theoretical learning and use in the work context.- Complete the CV of the participant using European techniques for Training certification.- Having the support of the businesses of Utrera, who will recognize the skills acquired by young people in their mobility experience.- Enhance strategic partnerships within the private and public sector in order to improve the employability of youth in the municipality.- Promote the development of human resources and employment in the town of Utrera.- Contributing to the Europe 2020 strategy, the Strategic Framework Education 2020.The Consortium is composed by all VET Centres in the municipality:- IES Ponce de León- IES Ruiz Gijon- IES Virgin of ConsolationIt is an institutional and associative project, which aims to provide a coordinated and integrated response to the needs of young citizens regarding access to the labor market after the training period.The project will involve 3 intermediary partners across 3 EU countries, and host companies in each of these countries.This project is aimed at those who are doing the second year of a VET course of those offered in the municipality by the Consortium schools, quoted below:- CFGM Care nursing assistants- Trade CFGM- Administrative Management CFGM- CFGM Micro-Computer Systems and Networks- Vehicles Electromechanical CFGM- Electrical and control installations CFGMWE will offer two types of grants:- Grants for recent graduates of FPGM for a practical training period in a European company in its sector.- Grants to develop the module Practical training in workplaces (FCT) in a European company in its sector.In addition to specific practical training (in the areas of project), SOMOS EUROPEOS will provide a lifetime experience for participants that will have the distinguishing feature of the people who have lived with other cultures and customs, developing multiple skills and gaining qualifications, experience, personal training, cultural and linguistic diversity, improvement and maturity.In this regard, SOMOS EUROPEOS enables participants to acquire and consolidate new technical and scientific expertise in key skills in their specialty, greater capacity and autonomy in the practice of their skills, and an extension of the general competence in their profession. As a result, achieved learning outcomes will facilitate their integration into the labor market.The main and most immediate impact of the project iSOMOS EUROPEOS is that a group of 12 participants from the town of Utrera will see improved their chances of finding a job at the end of their mobility experience. This impact by developing a series of professional, personal and language skills that will enhance the professional profile of the group.Although it depends on the work they perform and the area in which they specialize, improved skills are:- Improving language skills in English, Portuguese or Italian,- Development of social skills,- Ability to be independent in daily tasks (organizing food and other household items, leisure time, disease, living with other people, etc.)- Ability to adapt to a different culture,- Ability to understand "the other" (from another country, another race, another culture, another social level, etc.)
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