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Sometimes limits exist in whom look at us: an active citizenship simulation
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Mar 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IThe project "Sometimes limits exist in whom look at us: an active citizenship simulation" will take place at The House Laboratory Cerquosino, located a few miles from Orvieto Italy, in a protected natural area. The project consists of two activities: A1-APV 20 - 21 giugno2015.Countries involved are: Poland Italy Malta Portugal and Lithuania. 5 group leaders and one support person will participate. The team, starting from the objectives and priorities of the project, analyzing the methodologies, will come to a common definition of activities, taking into account the proposals that emerged from the various national groups. In addition, partners will share the issue related to the participants,particularly delicate situations of which take into account, considering the target group. A2 International Youht Exchange. Activity dates are 21 to 30 July 2015, traveling days 20 and 31 July 2015.Countries involved are: Poland Italy Malta Portugal and Lithuania. 20 young, 5 leaders and 4 support staff will participate. The group is composed of able-bodied young people with fewer opportunities because of barriers to economic, geographic, social and family and youth with disabilities: Two participants and a leader from Italy visually impaired and two participants with Down syndrome from Portugal. We put the emphasis on the participation as leader of Anna Rita de Bonis a visually impaired girl,with a wide experience in the field of non-formal education and international projects. Choosing to have a leader with a disability is an example of good practice and push to support the theory that sees the disabled incapable, where there are obstacles to their abilities. The project works to protect the human rights of persons with disabilities, considering disability not as a disease but as a social relationship between the characteristics of the people and the environment. Promote inclusion means working to change the rules of the game and to ensure that every person, regardless of their condition, not suffer different and degrading treatments , and have the same opportunities for participation and involvement in decisions that affect them. The main objective of the project is to experiment in an active citizenship simulation,the meeting with disability, the contact and the search for commonalities and the demolition of stereotypes and fears towards the "different from us".The Concept of inclusion leads to the recognition of a right as a form of contrast to its opposite: exclusion. The project leads to state that the strategies and actions taken tend to remove those forms of social exclusion that people with disabilities are suffering in their daily life: as the classroom experience lived on the margins of the class, the lack of learning social and life skills, exclusion from the labor, affective experiences often relegated to the family environment, lack of participation in social activities and free time. The simulation places its bases on the metaphor- concept of how a "neo born clan" is organized, grows, works, share rules, needs, goals and paths. The clan will operate in delegations and in plenary session on the management of the areas that create the structure of the simulation: field of logistics, artistic, fun, information and documentation, and manual aspect. Non-formal education methodology will be used, valuable tool to deal with disabled people and not,as through the activities we will meet the person not with his immediate discomfort, but the person with his experiences, skills, emotions. Non-formal education gives the disabled or disadvantaged person the chance to feel like the other citizens, to all intent and purpose, free to express themselves, to act, to communicate, learn at their own pace and show themselves to the others, sometimes to break a objective isolation, and especially allows to do something for the simple luxury of doing it as you are able to do. Results and Impacts: Valuing youth as a resource by promoting and strengthening the opportunities for autonomy and proper leadership.Exploit the physical and cultural diversity. Support the right of citizenship to all people, regardless of their condition. Adaptability to the times, the ways, the personal characteristics of everyone involved. Take into account the different points of view and bring to a shared synthesis. Knowing how to anticipate obstacles and make decisions. All facilitated by the responsabile of the Exchange, in addition to proposing ideas and activities they will will be required to bring out aspects appropriate for each proposal will come. The project is designed so that young people can experiment themselves during the exchange, for a domino effect in their countries of origin.

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