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Solving Social Problems by Sport

The main purpose of the project - to develop the cooperation among sport communities in order to solve social problems.The nearest tasks of this project:- To integrate social supported children to society by sport in order to increase the occupation of them.- To establish conditions under which international children could communicate in order to stimulate social supported and not supported children to strike up the friendship. - To stimulate the communication among sport communities in order to develop healthy and social active society and solve social problems of both regions.Meetings, sport camps, international conference and competitions will establish the conditions under which sport communities will develop the partnership among each others, stimulate social supported children be involved in sport activities and increase the occupation of them, give the opportunities for social supported children to communicate with contemporaries and for all children to be become acquainted with other countries culture and traditions. The analysis of project effect will show the sport impact on the solution of social problems in Alytus and Suwalki regions. All project activities are necessary to achieve main purpose and nearest tasks of the project.
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  • 74.8%   220 595,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Lithuania - Poland - Russia (LT-PL-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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