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Start date: Dec 1, 2009, End date: Nov 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Urban settlements, following the economic crisis of the 70s, entered in a process of regional and urban restructuring to gain a new image at the international level. As a result of the renewed economic success new flows of permanent, semi-permanent, temporary and daily “human mobility” followed: (i) for consumption (leisure and tourism), (ii) for production (economic migration). The world competition among metropolitan areas highlighted the essential importance of natural and cultural resources. The proposal considers the effects of human mobility on urban settlement growth and restructuring in coastal areas where (i) environment is more fragile and space limited, (ii) every phenomenon is more concentrated and (iii) effects on natural and cultural environment are more acute. Problems are multiplied since the climate change affecting environmental parameters - as sea levels - augments risks of flooding, propagation of pollutants, dislocation of a great number of settlers. Controlling and reducing unwanted consequences is contributing to growing conflicts among stakeholders. An integrated ecosystem approach incorporating social, economic and natural disciplines is essential in understanding and dealing with the complex and dynamic problems facing the coastal city environments. The proposal intends to: (i) identify conflicts, (ii) analyze their quantitative and qualitative effects on the environment, (iii) create models to synthesize the complexity of the different social, economic and environmental systems, (iv) compare the priority of each typology through taxonomy. Outcomes include (i) elaboration of an analysis methodology, (ii) creating tools for appropriate policies, (iii) scenario building, (iv) dissemination–exploitation of results for users’ needs. The project will analyse 8 metropolitan areas of global importance and 8 of local importance in European and Asian countries (Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Israel, India, and Vietnam)"
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