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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has been designed for students who are completing an intermediate vocational training module in cookery and gastronomy, and in administrative management. The project seeks students to come into contact with new technologies used in their professional area, and also with the world of work and industry, which are very different from the ones that can be found in Mallorca, where the industrial sector is more limited. The main objective of the project is that students get to know and accept the reality of the European Labour Market they belong to in order to be able to overcome boundaries and open horizons, culturally, socially and professionally. A difficult task for these students, considering that they have an additional limitation; they live on an island. The chosen formula is immersion in the host country: Italy and France. Students will spend four weeks in the Italian city of Vicenza and Lyon-France, working at companies of the same field for which they have been prepared, and leading an independent life that will help / force them to function in a country with a language and culture other than their own. We believe, of course, that future participants should be properly selected and also follow a preparatory module, to ensure that the experience and the project are fully successful. As a result of this experience, by the end of the project, these young people will have improved their technical and professional competences, and will have expanded their work area further beyond the island where they live, or their country of residence. For the development of the mobility phase, we collaborate with Fortes, an Italian agent specialized in implementing such projects and organizing students’ mobility, as well as with the Lycée Rabelais, a school devoted for many years to the teaching of great French chefs. They have understood our project idea and have collaborated in organizing all kinds of details to ensure the success of the mobility, which will take place during four weeks in the second quarter of 2016. The scheduled start of the mobility phase of the project is April 2016. It will take place at the same time as the professional training module in workplaces. Actually, one of the main objectives of this project, and in response to the national priorities on Erasmus+ mobilities, is that the work activity that participants made in Italy and France counts as FCT, that is a compulsory workplace training module that students have to complete in order to obtain the corresponding diploma. Through this project, we would like to raise awareness of the new European reality on our students, to open their minds and become part of a different society, to know how work is being done further from their island and their country, to apply what they have studied in companies with different methods and technologies.
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