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Solidarity without frontiers
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea for our project came to light after the fundraising ‘Day of Olga Havlová’ organized by Gymnázium Olgy Havlové in cooperation with Výbor dobré vůle Olgy Havlové in the Czech Republic. This fundraising event not only contributed to an awareness of non-profit institutions in the region but also enabled financial support to these organizations, and led to a wonderful active involvement of not just our students and teachers but our students’ parents too all brought together through charity. Inspiration also came from a students' visit to Catalonia where they enjoyed a video of a Charity Event in Prats. Our topic was agreed on, and other partners invited to join (our eTwinning partners Slovakia and Turkey) a previous project partner from Italy and a new partner from Germany. Fortunately, all our involved organizations have previous experience with charity work at various levels. The aim of our project is to cooperate with either charity organizations, or with those who are in need and subsequently provide regular help, increase public awareness and organize fund raising events to support local and regional non-profit institutions, old people´s homes, people in need, children with special needs etc. based on each partner’s national or regional specifics. Students will actively take part in various volunteering activities and will continuously learn about other cultures and charity work within a broad European context. This will, we hope, lead to development of routines and approaches to be further practiced after our project ends. Project participants will document their work and provide final audiovisual, literary and artistic outputs (for example calendars, booklets, documentaries) as well as advising their peers. We will also organize local and international events to raise money. This money will be donated to those who are in need in cooperation with official charity organizations in compliance with individual national legislative systems. Altogether there will be approximately 250 students and 50 teachers working together on our project. Students are aged between 14 to 20. Teachers are qualified in various subjects: foreign languages, Art, Music, Social Studies, Biology, and yet all participants desire to extend their knowledge, improve language skills, IT skills, and positively communicate with the media. To summarize, the main aim of our project is active students´ involvement in addressing current social issues, their contribution to the processes of charity and support aimed at those in need and increasing awareness within not only local but a European dimension.
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