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Solidarity+. In Spagna per apprendere e insegnare sul sociale.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT BACKGROUND AND GOALS The three Italian entities in the consortium for the collaboration project, Cooperativa Artemide, Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi e Istituto Sorelle Ministre della Carità, share the same motivations for the improvement of the social services and continuous education. They participate regularly, together, in diverse workshops, seminars and courses. ‘Artemide’ is currently accreditated to the VET system by the Professional Training Department of Apulia’s Region; Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi to the Marche Region’s one. Aside from the development of their own skills in training context, the three entities wish to set themselves within a European context in order to take on the opportunities both of learning and operation programs, developing a large and personal network of foreign partners of recognized importance in various countries. Within this perspective, the opportunities made available by the Erasmus+ present themselves as important and suit the needs of 3 entities and also of the Spanish partner, Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad (FES). With this project it will be, in fact, possible to acquire new skills and share their own experience and knowledge (the teaching activity on different contexts, by itself, promotes the enhancement of skills…) Other important goals are, for every partner involved in the project, the following: - increase the perception of European citizenship and the value of the opportunities available by the European Union; - increase language skills and communication in foreign languages; - increase projecting and self-funding capacities. ACTIVITIES , METHODOLOGIES AND PARTICIPANTS STAFF TRAINING The Consortium will send, to Spain, 10 operators for each of the following courses, each one lasting two weeks (travel included): 1) Spanish Language and Culture 2) Innovative Management The operators getting this training are: project designers, teachers, tutors, managers, and administration staff. For each course the methodologies adopted will be in the form of lectures, laboratories and project work. TEACHING ASSIGNMENT Activity in which teachers from the Consortium will teach in the following courses, each one lasting approximately two weeks (travel included). 1) Italian Language Course - Basic (2 teachers). Adopted methodologies: Explication, Talks, use of audio and video tools. To develop writing skills in each lesson a theme will be assigned to develop as homework that will be later corrected in the following lesson. For every lesson the students will have the opportunity to develop conversational skills and some themes will be developed to prepare and discuss within class. 2) Organizational Management Course (2 teachers) Adopted methodologies: Role Playing Case simulation, JOB SHADOWING. The Consortium will send to Granada (Spain) a worker of their own staff that, over the course of one month, will follow closely the workers of FES on their regular daily activity. IMPACT AND RESULTS In every course organized by FES the participants will acquire skills on Spanish language and culture developing the ability of dialogue, critical conversations, exchange information; and also knowledge, through dialogue, to redefine the meaning and to realize plans of action over the management and communication within the third sector. A different kind of learning is expected for those developing the Teaching Assignment in both courses. Here, the participants, will develop skills and abilities of teaching within a European context and therefore will be able to experience a context very different from their own. Other important impacts are predictable for every participant of the project. At first hand a greater and stronger perspective of their European identity and the value of the opportunities available by the European Union. The project will have the use of Spanish, Italian and English languages thus enhancing the linguistic skills and better communication abilities in a foreign language. This is undoubtedly a huge benefit for all the participants coming from the involved entities. Also, the project will aim to increase the predisposition for intercultural dialogue and to the impoverishment of prejudices. The impact on all the partners will be felt in various levels amongst which the increase of skills and the increase of opportunities on a European scale due to the experience accrued. Also in a local context each partner will be able to benefit from a new and boosted profile that, in the medium term, will make stakeholders to see in these entities structures of reference in their territories for projecting, social and educational activities.

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