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Solidaire au delà des frontières
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Aug 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will take place in Guadeloupe in April for a duration of 10 days. Through 3 studios(workshops), we shall try to bring the young people to a reflection on the citizenship by means of the artistic and literary practice and by the direct situation scenario of the young people in front of their work, in front of groups, in front of a project to which they will give themselves train(form) and life. We shall thus make sensitive the young people in the public-spirited act (dialogue, listening, reasoning and empowerment on its own words. The purpose of this exchange in also for end(purpose) to highlight the importance of the young person in the group and so ( re ) to produce an approach(initiative) citizen. This project will encourage the development of the qualities citizens such as the discipline, the perseverance in the follow-up of the project, the mutual listening, the discussion and the reasoning, the empowerment of the young person by the awareness of the importance of the words. This project will reveal, will channel and will exploit(run) the energy and the artistic potential of every young people. We shall leave the young people in three studios(workshops) (8 young people by studios(workshops)) The result(profit) of these studios(workshops) will be shared on one hand with the local community through friendly moment and others part via the Internet broadcasting (you tube) and every young people will restart with their creation on a DVD. Workshop(Studio) slam: (public speaking) The first session will allow to put the theoretical frame(executive), to make a presentation(display) of the slam, it is one young people which will present and will frame(supervise) this workshop(studio) because he even compromise(compose) and sings. He(It) Then not so as to put the ill-at-ease young people, he(it) demandra if there is which(who) Listening of the rap, and will make listen to qqu some of its compositions, to continue on the definition of the slam. Then we shall read brief history of the slam, to understand(include) its influences, as well as its "soul": his(her,its) committed, unifying character, liberator. I would present an extract of big sick body. It seems to me relevant to show to the young people that this art is above all free, that they have carte blanche to appropriate him(her,it). The young people can write on the daily aspects of their environment The young people can write on the daily aspects of their environment, for example people, places, work or studies, their difficulties, their feelings ...... Workshop(Studio) sound: The young people will how discover to realize a sound creation, the sound recording, the musical choice. The young people will discover all the material(equipment) necessary for the assembly(editing) sound of a video clip. The community center which we welcome(reception) has a workshop(studio) sound, it is a young person of the association by means of an educator who will take care to frame(supervise) this workshop(studio). Workshop(Studio) video assembly(editing) This workshop(studio) will be frame(supervise), an educator from our home who is an experienced amateur of video editing, the association which we welcome(reception) has a computer room which will allow has our educator to make discover in young grace(favor) has a software of video editing, how we produce a video.
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