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Solar way
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Solar way is planned for the period of 12 months, from 1. June 2015 to 1. June 2016. The main aim of the project is to acquire professional competences in the field of Plumber, in constructing, functioning and testing solar panelboards for heating supply water. Use of solar energy has become very common during last years. Because of devastation of the nature throughout last hundred years, the use of alternative sources of energy is a must. Constructing and functioning of solarboards requires specific plumber- proffesion competences, which make it attractive for labour market. There will be 12 participants, ten of them being second grade student of Plumber and two accompanying persons. Plumber is well-qualified worker capable of self-dependent construction, maintainance and repair of water, gas and heating pipeworks sewerage systems- interior and exterior plumbing. The accompanying persons are inevitable due to age and required continuity of the project. The accompanying persons are the teacher of practical education for Plumber experienced in solarboard systems, as well as the teacher of Contruction working and English. Partner organisation is Somogyi TISZK Közép- és Szakiskola school. The intership is planned for 4 weeks, 2 in winter and 2 in summer, together 20 days. During next 8 weekend days there is improvement of language, social and cultural skills. Transport, accomodation, insurance and education of the participants will be provided throughout the intership. During the first fourteen-day course the activities of students will be focused on obtaining knowledge and skills in distinguishing between basic materials, and gualities and acquainting to technological methods of proccesing the materials. Partner organisation commands an universal machine for testing mechanical qualities and shaping ability of materials and a metalographic microscope. During the second fourteen-day course the activities of students will be focused on solarboard system. Partner organisation commands a solar water-heating technics, with measuring system. Regulators control the functions of solarboard systems and operation of heat sources, heating water. They allow to the solarboard systems, thermal pumps and other economical sources of heat to be used efficiently. The project includes partial aims which will help the participants succeed in the labour market. Partial aims: 1. Broadening, acquintance and interpretation of knowledge within solarboard systems studies. 2. Acquiring practical skills. 3. Obtaining professional skills. 4. Accepting environmental values. 5. Improving language skills. 6. Social and cultural competences. Purpose of the project: includes fixing, verifying and broadening the knowledge and skilss in four areas 1. Basic materials: sorts, qualities, and technologic processes of materials (s days) 2. Reading mechanical drawing, composing and joining together the parts of solarboard system according to the project (7 days) 3. Completing and constructing the solarboard system (5 days) 4. Functioning and testing the solarboard system (5 days) 5. Obtaining social and cultural competences ( 8 days) During the intership the students will obtain knowledge, skills and specific professional competences in their field of study . The partner school Somogyi TISZK Kozép-és Szakiskola will evaluate the results participants of KA1 project in following categories: 1. category: Acquired knowledge 2. category: Practical skills 3. category: Comunication skills/ language skills 4. category: Social competence The project consists of preparation and evaluation of students throughout school year at our school -- will take into consideration the classification by the Somogyi TISZK Kozép-és Szakiskola. The acquired classification in the category 1 will be taken into account in the subject Technology on the teoretical education (30% of evaluation), in the category 2 in the practical education (70% of evaluation), in the category 3 in the subject of English (40% of evaluation) and in the category 4 in the subject Introduction into work studies (30% of evaluation). After completing the project we expect to acquire specific professional competences in the field of constructing and functioning the solarboard systems by Plumber students. These competences will make the students assert more efficiently on labour market, as well as brighten the name of our institution. The accompanying persons will obtain new experience they can use to implement using alternative sources of energy intro school curricula and carry on the courses of The centrals of vocational education. The project and forming the partnership will significantly contribute to quality of both members in taking part in Strategic partnerships.
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