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Sol & Arte 2009
Start date: Jul 1, 2009,

This multilateral youth-exchange with France, Italy, Denmark, UK, Estonia and Portugal is followingthe tracks of the artbased "Drums for Peace" network youth-exchanges aiming to involve alsoyoung disadvantaged people.All 60 participants will, according to their own priorities and in order to secure a proper mix ofnationalities, be actively involved in workshops as dance, music and drama run by professionalartists. In this way, the workshops will also function as a catalyst for intercultural and informallearningalso developing the issue of "2009 European Year of Innovation and Creativity".In our organization and in "Drums for PeaceJ' network we are convinced that multilateral youthexchangeswith participants from North, South, East and West is an excellent way of fightingracism. It is not "only" 6 countries represented, but even more cultures, counting also North Africanimmigrants from France.The project will include workshops based in African percussion, dance, masks and music, linkedtrough the group's participation, and coming together on a final performance, facing arts as ameeting point, showing that social inclusion improves the final product and the individual skills.

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