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Sokaktan Okula - Okuldan Topluma
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We personally had the opportunity to observe the European practices with the help of our Project in order that isolated, labelled and marginalised students at school and out of the school can be adapted to the education and teaching process. We examined various solution ways done for these students. We witnessed that school administration, related teachers and counselling service helped students to increase their individual motivation and improve their social and academic interest by cooperating with each other. While doing these reseach, we compared the works which we have carried out in our school and works at the schools which we have visited.We have shared samples of our works by informing them about how we have carried out projects and activities at our school. In addition, we had the opportunity to get information about works at the school which we have visited. We gave responsibilities to disadvantageous students with ther EKO Team Project and in this way we provided that they cooperated with the other students.Not only did they contribute to the works by taking part in the project during the year, but they alsowere under supervision of the counselling service.With the help of Value Education Project, we have carried out a lot of works in order that disadvantageous students could get some values such as tolerance, respect and living in the society.These projects helped our students to take responsibility not only at school but also out of school. We aimed that disadvantageous students get on well with the other students in the class and improve their positive behaviours with the help of Improving Positive Behaviours Project. At the end of this project we reached our aim and proved that they are a part of the class and can manage if they want. We examined the works for disadvantageous students when we visited our European partners and compared their works and ours.We noticed that some of their works can be applied in our school and country. One of them was that disadvantageous students stay in the dormitory in the school garden and teachers have various activities in small groups by appling special plans for them.We thought that we can carry out this with a certain plan with axtracurrilar or after school even if we have no dormitory.We observed that our second partner(Poland) have tried to find solutions to their disadvantageous students who are in small groups in their therapy rooms and in these rooms we saw that counselling service in cooperation with other teachers have carried out various activities for the students who cause problems in lessons, have reading problems, speech problems or asocial behaviours.We all agreed that we can carry out these orks in our school easily. Their other remarkable activity was that they organised different competitions such as Ecology and eEnglish competitions.Thus students could enjoy and learn.We thought that we can succeed something if we hold these kind of competitions in a regular and planned way in our school. Consequently not only did we contribute an international dimension to positive school culture atmosphere with the help of activities which we laid the foundations with our Polish and Hungarian partners , but we also observe and examine applications in different countries personally.We can say that we have taken an important step in terms of being the school which we mentined in our vision with our documents. Wethink that we have contributed to Eurpoean Development Plan and our country's development plan at the end of the project.
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