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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

" SOCIALLY EQUAL, HUMANLY DIFFERENT AND TOTALLY FREE" is a multilateral youth exchange based on EQUALITY, which arose as solution to a common problematic among all the partners, the inequality of its participants. We will participate 4 countries (France, Estonia, England and Spain). The execution of the exchange will be from October 3 till October 12, 2016, in which the country of reception will be Spain. We will be 37 participants, of which 4 leaders and 33 participants of between 16 and 18 years old (13 Spanish, 6 english, 8 French and 6 Estonians). All the participants of this project have fewer opportunities, though every group have different problematics. We have persons who suffer violence in their families, with ex-convicts parents, parents without jobs during a long time and with serious economic problems, a transgender participant, resident persons in remote villages of less than 1000 habitants, immigrants and persons who consume drugs.We will use the exchange as a tool to work the topic of the equality, since in the daily work that all the partner entities do with the teenagers, we see that it has vital importance to educate them in this area. One of the most important topics to treat is the gender equality, but it is not the only one, since also we will work the opportunities equality, the access equality, the racial equality and the social equality. The general aim of this exchange is that the participants arouse to the importance of the equality and the repercussion that can have on the rest of the people. The specific aims are: - Detecting and analyzing, from the perspective of gender, factors of the environment of intervention (economic and educational among others) that limit or impoverish the effective equality of the young participants, to include actions of improvement in the methodologies of work of the partner entities. - Identify, valuing and to working the needs, motivations and concrete expectations of the participants, implementing the actions elaborated by the partners, educating them in the area of the equality. - Partners arouse on the inequality and injustices lived in each of the countries. - Tring to incorporate the concept of equality and its meaning in the participants´ life. - Questioning the points of view that perpetuate the inequality and the discrimination. - Increasing the inclusive vision of the participants.By the exchange they will work most of the competences, since they will have to communicate in a foreign language, will have to share their ideas and belongings, accept critiques and use them positively, will have to agree and respect their partners, their conditions, and in addition they will learn to love them. This will be worth them in their daily life, to accept better their own realities and managing them without violence and without having to resort to the consumption of drugs. There will be impacts to different levels, but the biggest one will be generated on the own participants and to local level. We will realize several activities to local level, in order to involve to the citizenship and to arousing them across the young persons on the importance of fighting for the equality.

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