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Socially Competent Police Officers Near To the Society

Background:The social skills of Police officers are among the key criteria for evaluating their professional eligibility, because their occupation requires close communication with the citizens and the institutions in their country. This is valid also for all other officers employed in other public and private law enforcement companies, external to the Ministries of Interior. The police work requirements for social competency become more and more substantial with the increasing globalization of society and the labor market. General aim:The current project aims to create and promote an integrated system for training and development of social competencies of employees in the Police and in other public and private law enforcement institutions external to Ministries of Interior. The system will be achieved through transfer of innovative methodology from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria and Turkey.Objectives:• surveying police and law enforcement officers' needs of knowledge and skills in the field of the social competencies;• measuring the level of development of their social skills; • transferring soft competencies methodology to answer to the identified needs;• creating relevant methodology for training of trainers working with police and law enforcement officers;• creating pilot training centres in Turkey and Bulgaria for sustainable exploitation of results. Project partnership:5 organizations from 3 countries, which have experience in training for development of social competencies for the Police and/or the labor market: Institute of Psychology - Ministry of Interior (MI), Bulgaria; Rustu Unsal Police Vocational College - Turkey; RPIC-ViP s.r.o. - Czech Republic; D&D Group Ltd - Bulgaria, KRATUS Ltd- Bulgaria The expected short-term outputs of the project include:1. A set of flexible and user-friendly on-line diagnostics tools for officers with which they can increase their self knowledge;2. An integrated system for training and development of the social competencies of the employees in the law enforcement; branch;3. A system for training of trainers of police and law enforcement officers;4. Pilot training centres in Bulgaria and Turkey. In Bulgaria the pilot training centres will be designed with the perspective to become formal certification units for the whole law enforcement system.The expected long-term outcomes of the project include:1. Promoting the importance of and developing the social competencies of the majority of officers in the law enforcement system; 2. Building a positive image of the law enforcement system within society.
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