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Social Responsibilities Training and Certification Schema
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

SOCIRES will develop training and certification schema for experts in social responsibility area "Social Responsibility Manager" applicable for trainings on the labour market and university master students.Every organization somehow influences on the society. This includes influence to the health, well-being and life in general of employees and their relatives, influence on environment, cooperating organizations and various stakeholders, including customers or consumers, workers and their trade unions, members, the community, non-governmental organizations etc. SOCIRES will contribute to the raising of the awareness of all types of organizations in this area and to the increase of competence level on labour market. A set of skills required to analyze and define social influences and responsibilities of an organization as well as skills needed for definition of procedures which assure the optimal ratio between social responsibilities and economic interests of the organization. Based on these skills following will be developed/implemented within the project:- TRAINING MATERIAL - modular: Units /Elements/Performance Criteria; supported with exercises, aimed for usage for VET trainings or distant learning;- POOL OF EXAM QUESTIONS - unified, supported by ECQA electronic exam system;-LEARNING PORTAL - providing training material and exercises;-TRIALS and EXPLOITATION of training materials and the training system will be performed for 260 participants.-TRAIN THE TRAINERS (2 trainers per partner will be trained and certified for trainings after the end of project)- INTEGRATION OF TRAINING SCHEMA INTO ECQA SCHEMA. ECQA - European Certification and QualificationAssociation (,-CERTIFICATION - Two levels of certificates will be issued to trainees. "ECQA Participant Certificate" will be issued to those who will attend the trainings and "ECQA Certified Social Responsibility Manager" certificate will be issued to those who will successfully pass the exam.
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