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Social Promotions for Active Citizenship and Environment
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many times we feel European Community far away from our everyday's life, from our working contexts, from familiar problems, from bad marks, from our relationships and little fights with circumstances or marvellous enemies, etc. We hardly think about educational policies, horizontal issues, programme objectives or decision makers during our shopping, surfing on internet, watching TV or making phone calls. In spite of our unconsciousness, rules and decisions work behind all our steps and activities, and we usually lead our lives according to general European values keeping us among social barriers approved by even us. The project brings these basic European values such as human rights, tolerance, solidarity, fight against racism and xenophobia, equal opportunities, cultural diversity etc. closer (more conscious) to participants' everyday life by fostering dialogues and art activities related to them. The project raises awareness of preferably youth target groups on norms and rules of active, conscious European citizenship with the help of exciting mass art actions focusing on well visible objects of the environment (for further dissemination), involving at least 5 cities or bigger districts of each participating countries. The actions are followed by thematic workshops, debates, focus group discussions and information campaigns enhancing participants' knowledge on possibilities of active (youth) citizenship; their reflection on EU values and rights, identifying problems such as youth unemployment, and focusing on opportunities and perspectives provided by the EU. Further opinion polls and debates encourage youngsters and citizens as indirect target groups to share and list their views of how to improve their well-beings, collecting their expectations, their fears, their preconceptions, their putative barriers and opportunities regarding to European Community. The project foresees END PRODUCTS such as a.) well-visible painted objects introducing EU logos and European thoughts in at least 5 cities of each country (20 locations), b.) debates, focus group discussions, interviews and opinion polls with local community members in these locations, c.) national short movies and video clips introducing local community members' opinions and suggestions in native language. Three further international INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS summarize and structuring results and end products of the project: a) A well-visible painted surface as a work of art created by an international team of youngsters and indirect target groups interactively; commercializing European thoughts and logos for a long-term period for wide publicb.) A Comparative Case Study collecting and analyzing results of national debates, opinion polls and focus group discussions; producing a sort of SWOT analysis and suggestion-list for relevant decision-makers and youth workers,c.) An International Promotional Movie summarizing and analyzing interviews and results of national short movies about local community members' opinions and suggestions. The main movie as a modern video-clip and work of art provides an information transfer about European issues enjoyable for young X and Z generations; and also provides a sort of digital SWOT analysis towards relevant decision makers. Two international MULTIPLIER EVENTS assure further effective dissemination of results for the project:a.) An Art Flash-mob in a well-visited metropolis (Rome) producing one of the intellectual outputs in front of public, as a modern way of raising awareness campaign and innovative information transfer.b.) An International Exhibition Opening and Press Conference accompanied by thematic workshops and seminars for direct and indirect target groups.All the activities are based on intercultural dialogue between participants, respecting cultural diversity and related to basic values of the EU; fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens. 4 countries participate in the project.
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