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Social Projects Management for Youth inclusion - Training for trainers for African Diaspora Youth Workers
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project "Social Projects Management for Youth inclusion - Training for trainers for African Diaspora Youth Workers" focuses above all on 42 african youth workers with few opportunities, coming from the families that are facing social and economical probelms at local levels from the partners countries in Europe and at same time giving crucial contributions to the african diaspora organizations and youth associations in EU countries without being paid. But these participants are willing to improve their organizational skills and their knowledge and attitudes in working with multicultural and intercultural groups and planning to organize great mobility projects on promotion of intercultural dialogue and active youth participation. The action of the project underpins the purposes of knowledge, intervention, information, awareness-raising, minimization of risks and harm reduction associated with recreation contexts of social exclusion of youth workers with fewer opportunities, seeking to contribute to the social contexts that are truly inclusive and for more complicated situations associated with the exclusion of youth workers in disadvantages situation, are reduced to the lowest possible number. This project is a qualifying action that also aims to stimulate and encourage the generation of work opportunities, business, social inclusion, as well as promote entrepreneurial vision, with subsequent insertion into the labour market of young workers. It will be developed in Vienna/Austria from 1st to 6th of June 2015 using non formal methodology in residential format.In this mobility project we aims to improve the competences of youth workers on social workers, youth cooperation, youth development and youth integration by preparing them into the labour market and income-generating alternatives occupations in their residents countries. We defined as specific objectives, to discuss and develop the quality criteria for youth workers and their contribution to youth organization?s needs, realities and it?s impacts on own communities, to develop essential skills to work with multicultural and intercultural youth workers groups (e.g. leadership, team work, group dynamics, communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth workers participation and cooperation, to increase the involvement of local communities in the development in order to enhance the impact of social inclusion of youth workers with few opportunities in our communities, to increase the availability among youth workers to work in the social inclusion, within local communities involving young people in their actions and to increase the youth workers participant's motivation to introduce into social responsibility, intercultural learning, structure dialogue by creating conditions to support them to engage other youth to participate in decision making structures.We expected to have isocial transformation and the strengthening of the autonomy and the participation of partner organizations, which in some ways is very needy and without access to social goods by doing action which can bring transformation, although this same professional has been considered important the participation of civil society and of State institutions, as well as social support and creating social project for social development, contributing to the reversal of the inequality, the achievement of equitable relationships. We focus our results on actions of youth workers, which can promote and support the role of african youth workers in capacity-building activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network of specifically exchange experience of youth workers who strengthen the presence and promote the values of diversity in the community.In a long term perspectives, will potentially benefits in developing joint actions and chained to social development, from working with a group of african youth workers with fewer opportunities and encompass planned activities for the development of african youth workers with fewer opportunities, in order to live better in their social environment, to act on it and the transform shape, to develop greater autonomy and protagonism, effectively participating and transforming in the middle where it belongs.

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