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Social Mindedness In Learning communitY
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The Treaty of Lisbon "SAFETY AT SCHOOL" said that there is a high correlation between safety at school and social life. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights promotes values as Dignity, Equality and Solidarity, but every day one of these rights is violated and this is clearly worrying. Nowadays, we are used to hear about bullying at school, vandalism acts and other episodes of violence in which young people are protagonist. All this let us think that the new generation doesn't have the basis of social awareness and civic mindedness. Many articles and studies find the major causes of these violent attitudes in parental relationship, peer pressure, rejection and popularity, school failure, a system of dominator values (Weinhold & Weinhold, 2000), etc. Some researchers think that social studies classes are good places to face violence as a human rights issue. These kind of studies are designed to build students understanding of community and justice. On the basis of these considerations and in the wake of other previous EU projects (G@ME, aVataR@School).The aim of SMILEY is to implement awareness-raising programs in schools realizing the specific courses facing the most current social topics. The methodology developed within the project will be possible to implement in all schools and educational institutes in EU and the direct benefit and impact will focus on educational staff. Therefore this bottom-up approach will help teachers to deal with social problem issues, such as bullying and to face possible students' violent attitudes through enjoyable online ERPG (Edu Role-playing Game) developed according the pupils' social awareness. In this scenario students will be entertained, while learning, through short animations and interactive games which aim to attract their interest. Moreover the use of this projects research and tools created will be of great use for further studies and helping work against social problems faced in many schools on a daily basis.
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