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The BASIC idea of the partnership is the development and immediate use through cooperation and coordination of a series of social integration activities concerning children with special needs who study in the partner special schools.The partnership will take into account the different elements wich exist by nature in every national social environment and will point out the common cultural elements which will surface creating actually a common framework with a single purpose to help people with special needs integrate in a social environment containing elements common to all state members of the European Union. The purpose of creating this partnership is the development of protocols referring to people with special needs which can be applied in daily school life and thereby help them to adapt effectively in a social status of European proportions. It will provide the opportunity to educators working in institutions providing special education to cooperate, to coordinate as well as to create a teaching tool which takes into account common cultural and social data upon which the broader European identity and consciousness is based. This tool will be available not only to project educators but every special educator around the continent
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