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Social Inclusion: a one size fits all or a step to far
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background 'Social Inclusion: An one size fits all or a step too far' is a 7-day exchange which will bring together 30 people between 18 and 30 years old from Spain, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Albania, Armenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The project aims at engaging its participants into an intercultural youth exchange on the subject of social inclusion and active citizenship. It aims to create a platform for cultural exchange on the desirability and realisation of social inclusion within the European Union. Given the fact that many countries face problems with individuals or/and communities that are excluded, there is need to create a platform to discuss this problem and how this issue and how it could be resolved amongst young people. We think what we can contribute to the YiA programme by raising awareness and handing out useful tools to help youths and organizations mobilize and participate in policymaking of their local governments. Social inclusion is a necessary tool to have representative decision-making that also affects youths across Europe. During the 7-day youth exchange, visits and discussions will be held to promote the ideals of the European Union and to strengthen Western and Eastern European partnership. The objectives of the seminar will be as followed: - To increase competencies of participants to engage actively in decision making process in local realities. - To increase better awareness active citizenship in the EU. - To share knowledge of young people and best practices on advocacy and policymaking, and on local problems in participating countries. - Address social, cultural en judicial differences in the realization of Social Inclusion. - To enhance intercultural awareness. - Raising awareness on social inclusion of young people. - To increase participation of young people for advocacy on social and political rights for equal opportunities and social inclusion - To increase the involvement of non-organized youth and youth with different backgrounds. The nature of the exchange is to look at social inclusion critically. Awareness, Respect and Active Citizenship are keywords. The seminar will be non-formal. Activities: • Organizing workshops for youngsters from different country Youth organizations. • Opportunities to meet the social included and social excluded, which will improve respect and allow (respected)comparisions. • Opportunities to share experiences and challenges in non-formal education settings on local obstacles on social inclusion • Group dynamics as a way to improve interpersonal communications • Opportunities to test and expand knowledge on social inclusion and active participation • Opportunities to learn from best practices in different European countries to enhance intercultural understanding The direct result of this exchange is a contribution to the European goal of active citizenship to increase quality of democratic decision making and active participation of citizens in their country and in Europe. Indirect and longterm impact will be felt through youths actively contributing in local decision making and by being advocates of European values on social inclusion.

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