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Social entreprises calling young people for solving problems of communities
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European strategy for the period 2014-2020 provides two basic directions for the development of Europe: -to identify methods to promote entrepreneurship through mobility programs for young professionals (Initiative "Youth in motion"); -to develop and implement programmes aiming at promoting social innovation among the most vulnerable groups, particularly by making available to communities deprived of some forms of education and training and innovative opportunities for employment, to combat discrimination (for example, persons with disabilities) and develop a new agenda for the integration of emigrants, which would help them to maximum use their potential (the initiative "a European platform against poverty"). The specific objectives of the project are: 1. developing knowledge, skills and competences in the field of social entrepreneurship, an open attitude towards the experential learning to 120 young people and youth workers. Starting from these two directions in the partner communities, it was indentified a percentage of 27% of young people who want to actively integrate in the community life, a large proportion of 68% young people who have a job, and most local governments that have a strategy for exploiting the potential of the young and innovative creador. For these reasons, the development of knowledge and skills in the field of social entrepreneurship in youth becomes an equal opportunity: the finding of solutions to the social problems of local comunities and selfyouth development for a better integration on the labour market through the development of social enterprises. The aim of the project is: give youth and youth workers the opportunity to develop and implement projects of social entrepreneurship through experiential learning. The project objectives will be achieved by carrying out the following activities: 1.achievement of a logo and motto for the project 2. promoting social responsibility and initiative of the 120 young people through non-formal methods at the level of communities and decision makers; 3. involvement of 14 local entities to work with those 120 young people, in the identification and resolution of social problems within the communities; 4. development and implementation of one social entrepreneurship projects among the various categories of young people and the local community, 5. increasing with 10% of youth involvement in the life of the community through examples of good practice in the european space. The target group of the project consists of 120 young people aged between 17-24, in 6 partner organizations from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, 120 young people, 21 of them are young with limited opportunities in terms of economic opportunities. The project objectives will be achieved by carrying out the following activities: -development of a logo and motto of the project -execution and management of a project platform - collaborative meetings on-line and directly between youth from different corners of Europe -local workshops to identify social problems of the community, for the identification of entrepreneurial solutions to problems of high priority for the community, -to develop a business plan for the social enterprise, a social enterprise -to identify sources of funding -a good practice guide for a successful social entrepreneurial -carrying out an analysis/study of impact of the project implementation -2 editing spots to promote the socio-economic effects of the promotional campaigns of the platform project and hatchery of social enterprises, -to promote the International Conference of Social Entrepreneurship, - fundraising for the project of social entrepreneurship, - campaigns for the dissemination of good practice to community members through caravans, Cafe, asset guide platform on social entrepreneur organisation -carrying out International Conferences of Social Entrepreneurship -organization and maintenance of a consultancy service, of social entrepreneurship themes in the social incubator -accomplishment of 5 blended exchanges youth and one training course in Netherlands. For the above mentioned activities there will be integrated non-formal methods such as discussion, brainstorming, street theatre, workshops in different work environments (in schools, in social enterprises) in informal learning contexts as well as documentation on the Internet, specialized book study. It will emphasize the experiential learning and virtual simulation. The most important results of the project will be: - open access to project platform translated into 7 foreign languages: English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch,Greek. The Platform will contain all the materials carried out during project implementation and it will be maintained after its completion. -the Social Entrepreneur's Guide and social entreprises.
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