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Social and Intercultural Skills of Youth Workers - Training for trainers for African Diaspora Youth Workers
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This mobility training project "Social and Intercultural Skills of Youth Workers - Training for trainers for African Diaspora Youth Workers" will involve 24 African diaspora youth workers from Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and France that are interested in increasing their social and intercultural competencies to provide better social answers. This project focuses above all on African youth workers, coming from the organizations that are working with immigrants on social and intercultural problems at local levels from the partners countries and at same time giving crucial contributions to the African diaspora organizations and youth associations in partners countries. This project will be carried out in Apeldoorn-Netherlands using non formal education as base methodologies that will be implemented in training mobility. The aim of this youth workers mobility: - To improve the competences of african diaspora youth workers on social and intercultural skills with intention to provide social answers to the full inclusion of African community based in Europe. The objectives of this this youth workers mobility: - To develop essential skills to work with multicultural and intercultural youth workers groups (e.g. social capacity, team work, group dynamics, communication, programme design, evaluation and follow-up) assuring quality criteria in all aspects of youth workers capacity. - To increase the involvement of local communities in the development in order to enhance the impact of social answers of African diaspora youth workers in immigrants communities. - To increase the availability among African diaspora youth workers to improve social answers, within immigrants local communities in their actions. - To increase the African diaspora youth workers motivation in introducing social responsibility and intercultural learning by creating conditions to support them to engage other youth to provide social answers. - To discuss and develop the quality criteria for African diaspora youth workers and their contribution to youth organization’s needs, realities and it’s impacts on own communities. This youth workers mobility project will have 3 moments activities (Preparatory meetings, Training activity and follow-up) and will be divided into 3 fundamental axes: 1- Competences of youth workers on social and intercultural learning assuring quality criteria social answers to the immigrants community. 2- Reflection on youth workers in promoting social responsibility and encouraging the social and intercultural skills. 3- Understanding of social, cultural and economical difference between the partners countries and using learning competences on social and intercultural capacity. Expected impact, is: - To promote and support the role of African diaspora youth workers in social responsibility and capacity-building activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network of specifically sharing experience of youth workers who strengthen the presence and promote the values of diversity in the community. - To promote the presence and the role of aArican diaspora youth workers on immigrants field as positive actors of change in capacity-building processes. - To develop the competencies on integration and intercultural learning of african diaspora youth workers as way to improve the impact and the expertise in the youth sector through non-formal education activities. The results we aim in this project, are focused on: - Social transformation and the strengthening of the autonomy and the participation of partner organizations, which in some ways is very needy and without access to social goods. - Increase the African diaspora youth workers capacity to work and provide key tools for immigrants integration, intercultural learning and social cohesion. - Creation of the social project as part of the process of social development, contributing to the reversal of the inequality, the achievement of equitable relationships, it takes knowledge to youth workers and includes in its activities so that everyone wins. In a long term, this project, we believe to support network for African youth workers in order to achieve reasonable minimum living conditions and their possible application in practical life, understand when and how does a change in life and in relations of the African diaspora youth workers, acquire new knowledge and develop new cultural and social skills and encompass planned activities for the development of African diaspora youth workers, in order to live better in their social environment, to act on it and the transform shape, to develop greater autonomy and protagonism, effectively participating and transforming in the middle where it belongs.
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