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So you think you can write it
Start date: Feb 16, 2016, End date: Jun 15, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "So you think you can write it" is based on the idea that we should equip young people with all essential skills of preparing and writing Erasmus+ in order to be able to design and implement Erasmus+ projects of high quality which can address the needs of young people. The coordination of the project is undertaken by IEEN (CY) in cooperation with the following 6 Organizations: Escola de Cinema RIU RAU (ISP), ASK Yourself (RO), Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav/European Youth Centre Břeclav z.s. (CZ), GreenRope (ΙΤ), Grupo de Jovens Novo Mundo (PORT), Projekt Tarnów (POL). The project aims at addressing the following objectives:• By the end of the Training Course, the 28 participants will acquire and improve their knowledge regarding the preparation and writing of an Erasmus+ project as well as gain practical training regarding the questions of the proposal; they will additionally understand complex concepts such as impact, dissemination and visibility of the project• By the end of the Training Course, the 28 participants will develop their skills that will enable them to identify the needs and problems of young people in their community and then involve them in the preparation and writing of the project• By the end of the Training Course, the 28 participants will develop their self-confidence which is needed in order (a) to realize that they are capable of writing an Erasmus+ project and (b) to face and overcome failure in case the project is not approved; they will then be more motivated to write projects and involve young people in the process• By the end of the Training Course, the 28 participants will build partnerships in order to collaborate in the writing and submission of Erasmus+ projects and thus utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the TC; we are expecting a minimum of 3 projects to be submitted in the next 6 months after the project based on partnerships started in this TCThe project targets youth workers, youth leaders and young people in general aged between 18-35 years. 15 of them will be young people with fewer opportunities. The 28 participants, 4 from each country involved, share the same passion and willingness to aquire skills and competencies in writing Erasmus+ projects in order to contribute to the addressing of the needs of young people at a local level.In order to achieve the 4 objectives of the project, we have chosen specific activities which are mainly based on methods derived from non formal education (e.g. team work activities, role play) and less on methods of formal education (powerpoint presentations). The writing of Erasmus+ projects from participants during the 9 day project in Larnaca carries a significant role in the implementation of the project. The participants, who will work in teams, will have to identify the needs of young people in Larnaca and then implement the knowledge they acquire during the implementation of the project in order to write Erasmus+ projects which will address those needs. The training will be delivered by two trainers from Cyprus and Portugal who both have experience in the training of young people through methods of non formal education.Our project will have significant impact on the participants who will increase their skills and competencies in writing Erasmus+ projects with an ultimate goal to write and submit projects that address the needs of young people. In this way, our Organizations will also be benefited as they will be consisted of competenent young people and thus, they will have potential to create strong partnerships with other NGOs. The results of our project, along with the photos and the video which will be produced, will be disseminated through various media channels and mainly through the internet (Facebook, youtube, our blog) in an attempt to increase their audience. Finally, all the material produced during the preparation and implementation of the project, as well as during the dissemination of the results will carry the logo of Erasmus+ contributing to the public awareness of Erasmus+ and particularly in the opportunities with regards to training and non formal education offered through the program.

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