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SMILE – Supporting vocational education and training through Mobile Learning Environments

On-demand learning and development can support the building up of knowledge, skills and competences needed to foster active citizenship and employability in the European Union. To achieve this a new generation of vocational training e-services should be developed, not subject to time and place restrictions. The SMILE project wants to be successful in the development of the technological tools to exploit the state-of-the-art ICT technology to deal with the demanding diversity of VET setting and intends to design a mobile e-training methodology for VET in Europe. The objective is also to apply and validate both the methodology and the associated technological solutions in a diverse set of scenarios of use for mobile e-training and the transfer of know-how as guidelines and good practises for consideration by European VET policy makers and international standardisation bodies so as to take advantage of the project findings. The products include an authoring tool for mobile VET processes, and constructing a software environment for mobile VET services, and also will support mobile virtual communities. Target groups are identified at two levels. On the organisational level the project is addressing to training services and programme providers, VET content developers and publishers and SME’s with particular needs for training support of their personnel. At the individual level it focuses learner and trainer communities with advanced needs for just-in-time and anytime training. Even European VET policy makers and e-learning environment vendors and mobile technology providers and operators can benefit from the project. The exploitation of the projects’ outcome will be done via extensive distribution of information using brochures, a project poster, fact sheets, and a public website.
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