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Sme zvedaví, chceme participovať, štruktúrovaný dialóg s mladými ľuďmi
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The objectives of the project were included zvýšiť weaker activity of young people with a sense of lack of opportunity , with a feeling dissatisfied footing with their own situation in many areas , increasing the low participation of youth in deciding the case to them directly relate. Strengthen young people's interest in what is happening around them , as is reflected in the very fact that they have a slight chance to communicate their needs , or do not live their demands accepted and therefore in them the feeling that anything addressed is unnecessary to increase the lack of communication on issues directly related young people to change their weaker interest or disinterest positive examples of current activities , which although not a lot , but it shows that if there is interest , background , motivation , good formal education and a forum for dialogue , the result will appear and to achieve was implemented adequate implementation outcomes into practice . Overall, the project involved 48 participants , young people who will represent active , interested young people in an effort to prove to influence decision-making processes for municipalities . Activities are based on the dialogue of Structured Dialogue , a panel discussion at the level of the young people who define the topics they want to submit . These topics were discussed by experts with local politicians . Joint meeting of the dialogue aims to reach out, to create an action plan to let the young people in the process of preparing a resolution council and possibly defend their views before the vote . This positive pattern present in other municipalities . Simplified goes on activation , collecting information, preparing both parties to communicate , promote mutual communication through a structured dialogue with the possibility to find a system , its creation and enforcement . Through a structured dialogue as part of the program at national level , to offer young people a chance to present their views , focusing on questions submitted from the European and national levels , with the addition of obtaining information on the regional and local level . Form discussion groups with the participation of six young people who get approached online questionnaire promotion topics to which the structured dialogue will be able to speak . It is assumed by the organizer data collection together with a national program of structured dialogue and take them created web space to advertise . Uniform style , bright logo , create awareness of the target group the opportunity to comment on the topics that they are interested in , on the one hand, together with the requirements of the European Union . Each area of ​​the themes will be developed in annual stage of the project to the preparatory phase . We expect to realize 10 meetings for a structured dialogue at every stage of the project .. Part of the data acquisition is also communication with experts in the field and with a group called . important adults . It is a major representatives , legislative crucial people at the national level , politicians operating in the fields of the topics , but more emphasis on representatives of regional and local authorities in the critical areas of youth policy , which data is collected . Quality and professional level of data collection to ensure meetings facilitators and professional guarantors . Another part of the project is to collect data from experts in the fields of the topics . It will include two meetings with 5 experts with security expert facilitator and guarantor by the project implementer. The output of the meeting information will be processed for consideration at a joint meeting of the topics that will output the young people themselves . Before moving the data submitter , the European Union has implemented four sessions on a given topic with the participation of stakeholders in data collection , and at each meeting is a prerequisite for the participation of 12 representatives of young people , and 5 representatives of the so-called experts . important adults and representatives of the project leader , whose task is the processing of the data obtained , make a recommendation and report . Territorial distribution of meetings with young people and experts is expected in two counties , four cities in which members AKRAM operate. Outputs are data that are presented in a national project and submit a structured dialogue with the European Union. Of course , as in European themes and topics can process at regional and local levels , the process and make recommendations to the regional and local level support for youth policy . On the municipal level , promote the participation of well-heeled young people and politicians with themes of assessment fulfilling a plan of action and to ensure the participation of young people in the preparation of resolutions in the areas of project outputs . These changes in government approaches the aim is to involve young people in decision-
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