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SME's e-Learning to e-Work Efficiently
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

The competitiveness of European enterprises could improve if better productivity and efficiency is achieved. Teleworking can contribute to better work performance, the reduction of space needs, the reduction of congestion, and reduced absenteeism and recruitment costs, whilst also - on balance - benefiting most employees, society as a whole and the environment to a degree. Through the change management steps, potential e-workers shell be supported to get prepared for new challenges due to change of working procedures. E-workers competencies should be developed not only in the filed of ICT, but also for being able to work in an “E” environment. Number of Telework related projects have been launched, but non of them were aimed at developing ToolKits to identify, and to provide training to develop competencies of E-workers or E-managers. In order to accomplish this goal, E-workers competencies should be identified, information and educational material needs to be developed, specially to develop skills that assist potential eWorkers to comply with this changing environment and expectations of the employers. Specific goals of the project o Based on the „Best Practices” of HEP-project results, conduct national surveys for current educational material available in participating countries to develop a Competency Toll-KIT for SMEs to support the assessment of E-workerso to develop and test new innovative e-learning curriculum material for two target groups: E-managers and E-workers, including 12 key E-Worker competencies to disseminate the project results to other European countries, to a wide range of SMEs to exploit the potential of project outcomes for further development and commercialization and consequently establish sustainability of the project results beyond EU funding period.

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