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SME Creativity and Innovation for a MED Space Smart Specialisation Framework (CreativeMED)

Different experiences in MED projects foretell the emergence of a new economic and societal model based on cultural anchoring, open network organizations, innovation mixes (blending advanced technologies with traditional crafts), social learning, and shared values related to sustainability. CreativeMED thus capitalises the outcomes these projects, considering cultural (TEXMEDIN, SOSTENUTO, CHORD, MEDINS, SMILIES), social (MEDLAB, CENTRALAB) and territorial (TEXMEDIN, SMILIES, MEDLAB, MEDGOVERNANCE, IC-MED) capital as the foundations of this new macro-regional development path. CreativeMED integrates key deliverables from these projects to define a framework for bottom-up Smart Specialisation that promotes the adaptation of successful ideas to local contexts, maximises intra-regional creativity and social capital for innovation, and enhances inter-regional knowledge spillovers as well as macro-regional policy coherence. CreativeMED adopts a Policy Learning approach to capitalization to consolidate this emergent model and facilitate its deep uptake across all levels, first developing an integrated draft policy model and then co-developing its implementation potential with three workgroups: Policy-Makers, Local and Regional Actors in 12 participating regions, and the Expert community in related fields such as culture, economics, innovation, and development. Engagement methodologies tailored to each group include workshops, seminars, webinars, and an interactive Conference in the context of the Greek Presidency in 2014. The main outputs are a White Paper targeted to EU, national and regional levels and a practical on-line Toolkit and Guidelines to support take-up among local and regional actors. CreativeMED involves 12 partners in 12 regions of 8 countries, led by the City of Prato (IT) and composed of an appropriate mix of public authorities, chambers of commerce, development agencies, and sector and policy research bodies. Achievements: The framework of the capitalization project CREATIVEMED are basically the 'Europe 2020 Strategy' and the 'Smart Specialization Strategy', both very crucial elements within the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. The project proposed directions for a bottom-up driven Smart Specialization within the MED area. The main outputs are a White Paper targeted to EU, national and regional levels, a practical on-line toolkit and guidelines. What does 'Smart Specialization' mean?• A strategic approach to economic development by maximizing the knowledge-based development potential of a region• A bottom-up model• Implications for local authorities to adapt to new procedures, new approaches etc.Green PaperThe European Commission's S3 Platform is a regional benchmarking tool aiming to identify structurally similar regions across Europe. It gives a whole bunch of tools to guide regions throughout a Smart Specialization Strategy. In March 2013, the DG REGIO published a Guide to Social Innovation. The present CREATIVEMED publication of the Green Paper originated from this guide and will be further completed in a White Paper. It proposes a concrete model to implement Smart Specialization at a macro-regional level within the MED area. See more:
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