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Smart Thermal conductive Al MMCs by casting (THERMACO)
Start date: Sep 1, 2013, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The ever–growing demand for heat evacuation applications in fields such as power microelectronics, e-mobility or (renewable) energy generation is motivating today's suppliers to come up with better and better heat conductive materials. Most of these products who were recently introduced to the market are carbon based materials aimed for extremely high heat conductivity (up to 2,000 W/mK). While delivering extremely good thermal properties, the carbon products themselves usually do not have a structural vale in terms of mechanical properties, hindering stand-alone applications. However, when enclosed in metal envelopes, they could be used to form MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) parts which are significantly more durable and strong. In THERMACO we intend to develop the best suitable manufacturing technology required to produce a high-strength, selectively reinforced Aluminium MMC with carbon based thermal reinforcements. We will create continuous highly heat conductive routes – consisting of carbon-based Graphene or TPG material – integrated within the structural part, that lead to dispersion/collection areas at surfaces with optimised thermal transfer properties. The structural material of the product will be regular cast Aluminium, thus allowing for an integration of those thermal highways into complex shaped, task-specific parts within a wide range of applications. The ability to cast such product will lead to a technological breakthrough and a change of concept in every heat management application, since the limiting factors of size of the cooling area or the demand for external heat transfer solutions (such as heatpipes) can be overcome. Due to the anisotropy of the carbon based thermal highways, a heat transfer can be realised through the part, without affecting it’s surrounding material, maintaining the mechanical stability of the application and enabling the usage of lighter designs and materials with a lower thermal stability than required before."
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