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SmArt Teenagers
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SmArt Teenagers Both secondary schools involved in the partnership, Berger Scholengemeenschap (Bergen, The Netherlands) and Gimnazija Titusa Brezovackog (Zagreb, Croatia), value artistic interests and talents of their students greatly, so it was easy to decide that the topic of the project will be art. We named the project "SmArt Teenagers" meaning that teenagers will be working smartly on an art project. Participating students will have the opportunity to show and develop their initiative, critical thinking and creativity by designing two websites: „Artistic guide through Netherlands for teenagers“ and "Artistic guide through Croatia for teenagers". They will be working with different ICT tools to present art related topics to their peers on-line. They will cover following topics through the presentations: classical music, traditional music, modern music, dancing, painting, sculpture, architecture, literary arts, film, photography, theater, comics, video games, fashion design and street art. Students' presentations will be used to design websites . Apart from their mother tongue and English they will have a chance to improve their French, German and Italian language skills because the materials for the website will be translated into these languages too. The websites could be used by any young tourists visiting our two countries. During the short term exchanges, the students will have the possibility to work together on artistic projects and then present their work to public. The topics of the artistic projects will be "Musical journey through The Netherlands and Croatia", "Our interpretation of the traditional Dutch and Croatian art" and "Creating a Dutch-Croatian brand in fashion". 60 students will participate in this project. Throughout the project the students will be improving their foreign language skills, their digital competences but also their social skills which, are necessary for their future educational, professional and personal life. Teachers will have the opportunity to improve their teaching competences and to develop professionally. They will do that through mentoring the students’ activities but also through the teachers' exchange. Art teachers will have the opportunity to visit fellow teachers abroad and learn from their good practices. We will also do a case study comparing Dutch and Croatian educational systems. There will be 16 staff members involved in the project, including principals, project coordinators, art teachers, ICT teachers and foreign language teachers. The results of the project will be presented to teachers, students and parents inside the schools but also to fellow professionals outside of schools.
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