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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Smart buildings as a sector for economical activity KNX technology was applied in the European market for the first time at the beginning of the ’90s bringing evolution to the technique of building construction. KNX technology appeared a few years later in Greece and up to now has been used in hundreds of buildings (mainly business and organization buildings). However development in Greece is below average in relation to the European development. KNX technology allows the assembly of many different functions of a building to a control system, such as the lightingcontrol, electrical blinds control, heating control, air conditioning and ventilation control, management of the power line carrier and energy consumption, remote control and programming – among other things- it reduces energy consumption. All the above functions are connected to a cohesive Bus network that uses specialized ETS software. It is obvious that a highly qualified technical personnel is needed for the installation, function and maintenance of these specific building automation. As the technical – professional training in Greece is inadequate regarding the relating technical knowledge; our program’s objective is to help regarding this matter. In cooperation with ALFATRAINING Bildungszentrum organization, based in Karlsruhe – Germany and MOVEU organization, based in Barcelona – Spain, we have designed two related and complementary programs of activities in the field of Smart Buildings Installations The first program refers to the education of the teachers on the KNX technology and the second to a KNX certified training program for students in acertified KNX training center. Those benefiting from the Program Those benefiting from the program are 10 teachers with technical expertise and 15 students that are being training on fields like Electrical engineering and Informatics using the labs of 1st EK Stavroupolis. Referring specifically to the teacher’s program, which lasted one week, (2016-01-23 until 2016-01-31) includes a 15 hour basic KNX course, and technical visits. The student’s program was a two-week program (2016-04-12 until 2016-04-27) and included lectures, labs (30 hours) and visits to related areas. Following the education, the students will take exams for certification on KNX technology from a certified KNX center. Feasibility study of the program At the end of the program, the participating teachers have to prepare a short-length technical manual. This manual has to be on KNX automations and will include basic skills, functions, and basic KNX devices, as well as business opportunities for technicians in Germany. At the end of the program the participating student, under their supervisor’s guidance has to make a pattern with five KNX functions. This pattern will be shown in our school’s annual exhibition that takes place on our premises during the Municipal education festival. Expecting results – long term benefits In the area surrounding our school there are many businesses where KNX technology can be applied. We hope this program will prepare and help our students to find a proper position of employment. Expecting results Upgrading the level of technical education Upgrading the level of business education Expanding the student’s educational horizons Having the ability to claim better jobs, in Greece as well as in other European countries, with high qualifications, expertise, and better income. Enrich the participant’s resume using the Euro passport Obtaining more experiences and cultivating European consciousness

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