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Smart And Traditional education on Secondary Art Trades - "Okos" technológiákat és tradícionális oktatási módszereket magába foglaló művészeti szakképzés oktatása
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the project titled “2 SAT” 16 participants of BGY-REMAK were planned to carry out 14-day- study visit in Northern Ireland. After granting the project the TEMPUS National Agency cut down the numbers of participants to 8 tutors, so they were involved in this project. They intended to gain and utilize experiences of the project focused on learning new modules of vocational training and education to modernize the applied technologies and balance the traditional and advanced ICT applications in secondary education. The project title - Smart And Traditional education on Secondary Art Trades described, detailed main priorities of the study period. The major goal was to upgrade the vocational training while using up-to-date methods and digital techniques. We were aiming to harmonize different elements when combining the instructive (traditional) and constructive (modern) pedagogy via vocational education in theory and practice. Our major tasks were presented 1.) In general: VET is continuously changing and experts, mentors openly followed the modifications, alterations, refreshed themes, structures which were essentially needed in education of theory with practice. Refined schemes are need to be introduced to broaden acquaintances in order to be appropriate and relevant in the integrated European vocational education and training. Since there were good practices of the EU established in Londonderry, we were ready to study the latest interactions engaging our experts’ personal development to be able to improve education. 2.) Specifications: BGY-REMAK has Graphic Designer, Moving Image and Animation Designer,Theatre Dancer classes. Educational modules of the 3 trades were to modify, refresh the subjects of VET and fuse them with smart schooling, digital means and ICT advancement. Divisions of art and media studies were combined. Netgeneration could not exist or might be uninterested, old-fashioned and dumb. The challenging duty for tutors made progress and broadcast the added value of traditional modes and spreading innovative approaches, smart techniques. By the experts’ mobility, mentors of VET the project was to complete changing of educational experiences, knowledge transfer in a mutual assistance. In the project of BGY-REMAK new approaches were implemented and multimedia essentials of education had been harmonized with the art and media trades’ orientation. Mentors teaching vocational education proposed to develop trades’ skills and select the most appropriate trade-orientated implication. They got easy access to authentic online, smart platforms, and applications leading to promotion. In a multicultural inspiring background the participants’ knowledge was widened, they were experienced by fulfilling the project tasks. Using a foreign language in a country with different cultural features made the members of the project team be empowered and more self-confident. It also developed the individuals' skill of problem-solving. VET has been on a transition and applying multimedia and basic ICT tools are in common. Students are devoted to merge VET skills with digital competencies and make transfusion according to the labour market. Londonderry has taken the advantages when titled ‘the City of Culture’ so it evolved the regeneration and reorganization processes in educational fields as well. Each consequence of social inclusion in education and media was introduced by NWA.Tutors were provided by ideas about quality smart-schooling via VET. Project priority outlined the trade-orientation with all smart tools in social inclusion in an educational entity and presented in workshops.The project realized a 2-week-study mobility carrying out workshops, meetings. Realizations of technical visits: NWA, North West Regional College, St. Cecilia College, Fab Lab, Playhouse, Centre for Contemporary Art, People’s Gallery of Murals, Guildhall Interactive Centre, Belfast Titanic Interactive Museum. Steering Group Meetings, talk shops wished to change and share views, opinions."2 SAT" project supported effective and creative learning by using ICT, smart platforms in the dynamic and rapidly developing VET when preparing for final trades’ exams. Smart communicational tools generated interviews, videos, clips and blog outcomes were recorded in the transition of interactive knowledge material. Participants made daily reports on Facebook and blogspot sites. Individual smart learning kits; photos, placards clips,interviews were created with knowledge-skills-competency features. Sharing high-quality, unique and constructive experiences each project impacted, knowledge-based and value disseminating actions implemented in our Institutional Educational Plan(concept&syllabus). Dissemination events spread the outcome and entire revenue of the project, in BGY-REMAK long-run project contribution has started to share the best-practices among Art-profiled VET institutions and TIREK. Now the project outcomes are face-to-face widely spread.
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