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Smart and sharing EU economy
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

In line with the speech by Commissioner Bienkowska in June 2015 saying that a digitalisation based industrial renaissance or reindustrialisation can bring jobs and growth back to Europe, the proposed Jean Monnet Chair will deal with EU regulatory challenges arising from the servitisation of manufacturing and broader digitalisation process in the EU economy. The Commission has already outlined a need for re-skilling of work force as one of the main challenges of the EU strategy on digitising industry, claiming that ‘all jobs will change and many will disappear’ (See Commission, DG Connect, An Action Plan for Digitising European Industry, Draft, 23 December 2015, p. 11). Accordingly, 90 percent of jobs in digitising industry require some level of digital skills. It is therefore not just about ICT professionals, but also about other professions, such as those in business, in engineering, in medicine and in law, that will need to understand the developments in digitising industry in order to be able to offer suitable professional support.The project will focus on teaching and research work related to concepts, such as Internet of Things, 3D printing, sharing economy, digital goods, cloud computing etc. and the related legal challenges. Considering its increasing importance, legal scholars and practitioners have to respond to servitization by examining the related legal challenges. Moreover, non-law professionals, such as those in management, marketing, IT, environmental, mechanical engineering etc. need to become familiar with EU regulatory development in this field. The proposed Jean Monnet Chair will offer a completely new course for University of Maribor students from various backgrounds to discuss the regulatory challenges emerging from the processes of servitization and digitalisation of the EU economy that are seen as crucial for developing work places across the EU.
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