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Small steps, big impact!
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE RETURNING. THIS IS THE UPDATED VERSION OF THE SUMMARY ENTERED IN THE APP FORM. (above in the description is stated : For your convenience, this report form contains the summary provided at application stage. Please do update it on the basis of your finalized project.) SIMILARITIES ARE PRESENT BECAUSE WE TRIED TO FOLLOW WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE WROTE IN THE APP FORM. WE MANAGED TO FULFILL ALL THE OBJECTIVES AND DO ALL THE ACTIVITIES THAT WERE STATED IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS. ALL THE SECTIONS BELOW MIGHT LOOK SIMILAR WITH THE APPLICATION FORM, BUT THEY ARE UPDATED VERSION OF WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED ON THE PROJECT BECAUSE WE ALWAYS TRY TO FOLLOW THE APPLICATION FORM IN THE PROCESS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT. Zero waste was not a dream. The nature by itself doesn't create waste. Why should we? Why we are going the opposite way of that the nature has intended us. We do not support inefficient system that creates waste so lets think of changing the waste into a resource. On every project we are trying to reuse the materials so why not to make this project where we can improve all of it on a project so our next projects will be more waste efficient and we can have more products from each project, beside the main idea. We tested this idea and we have prove that it is possible to have ZERO WASTE PROJECT. With all the waste that we created on this project, we reused it for a completion of our final products. We made a change, or at least gave some impulse to the society with the project ,,Small Steps, Big Impact", that took place in Samobor and with our creativity we gave the society an example how far can we go if we reuse what we call waste. With forces joined from 6 countries, 39 participants, 3 for recycling and 3 from non-recyclig societies we shared the experience of reusing the waste, the systematic collection of waste in the different countries and shared the know how and the positive effects and methods implemented in different countries.We introduced not only in the form of raw materials or the recycling, but also in a form of ready material in its given shape and state or as a method named UPCUCLING and we proudly present our work and producsts to the City of Samobor with tall standing sculptures of how reusing can be useful. In this project as a product that we planed to make as a sculpture to the city of Samobor we presented the Darth Vader and R2D2 sculptures and also the Totem Sculptures that were created only by used materials that we found with the cleaning action around the old city and in the center of Samobor. Also some of the artists were completely motivated to do more and more sculptures so that is why also we visited the Junk Yard so we got some extra working materials. Using non-formal methods combined with informal sharing of the culture for kick-starting the creativity process that is wall impregnated in our conciseness. The arts and crafts section brought it closer to the society the upcycling methods through the presentation in the high school that we did and also the dissemination part that the Macedonian team did in primary school in Bitola and motivate the youngsters from early age to think of the waste in a different way. Also we made some jewelery from bike tires, paper, cans, used clothing and etc. Now this jewelry reminds us of the process of upcyclig as a motivation for self employment. Also as a center of motivation and place where you can find some interesting ideas that came up on the project is the creation of the database (webpage) for draining some experience you can find shared ideas and creations that were created on the project. All in all we shared this idea not only between the participants but in their wider surrounding and the environment and the business sector whenever the influence can reach through the participants influential social life network and plus we cleaned the city park and the area around the old city of Samobor. Now we started the creation of a self sustaining system leading on for zero waste or at least give the system a little push on this direction. Lets change the way we see the waste and start looking at it as a free resource. Lets be the change. Lets Upcycle for a better life cycle. Lets continue what we started with small steps towards a BIG IMPACT.

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