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Small steps, big changes
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Small steps, big changes is a project which includes 5 individual volunteers from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and France, was created based on the idea of small steps that bring big changes. The project aims to influence the individual so that the individual impacts on all that is surrounding him/her. The entire project is set in the way, which the whole population can benefit from, the young the old, regardless of gender, race or religion. Our desire is to get the people in the community active and show them how they can spend their free time and do something for themselves and society as a whole. Young volunteers will get the chance to create and implement their ideas and turn them into a project. Their contribution will raise their self-esteem and assertiveness, consequently help to a better tomorrow. All those involved (participants, partners, local community, the community from which they originate and volunteers) will gain and grow. The main areas of the project are:- Work with children. Preparation of weekly workshops for children called “Direndaj”, which takes place in the center every Saturday. The workshops are creative, sport orientated, and will be organized by volunteers with the assistance of employees of the center and volunteers who already work under the program. Working with children also includes work in the local kindergarten and school, volunteers will be included 2-3x a week and will be involved in the preparation of activities for children and students.-Multimedia is extremely important in our center. The project envisages that the volunteers who will work on this area, is actively involved in the preparation of promotional material for various events in the center, documenting the events and then editing the material. Monthly shooting and editing of a short movie, showing the happening during one month in the center.- Sports field covers the organization of various workshops for all populations in the local community with emphasis on overcoming inter cultural, gender and age differences through sport.- Spread the good news. The basic idea is that every 3 months a newspaper in which contains only positive news from the local community, Slovenia and the world in issued. The newspaper will also include a part where the local community will be able to ask questions to the decision makers in the community. The task of the volunteers will be to choose the most high-profile positive news, collect questions from the community and receive answers from decision-makers, develop the newspaper to such an extent that it will be ready for printing.Project results consistent of:- Intercultural learning of young people, overcoming stereotypes.- The transfer of knowledge between young people and between youth org. in Europe; strengthening of youth in Europe.- Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the social environment and work; strengthening solidarity among young people.- The acquisition of informal knowledge and skills; experiential learning for young people; integration of formal and non-formal learning.- 5 implemented projects of young people.- The spread of volunteering among young people, a larger number of youth mobility at European level.- Strengthen European awareness of young people, knowledge about EU institutions, political arrangements, programs for young people.- Increased visibility of Erasmus + in Europe.- Increasing the employability of young people; the successful application of tools for the recognition of non-formal knowledge (Youthpass, Europass ...).- Bigger offer of programs for young people in Krsko, which will involve young people and respond to their needs.- Dissemination and exploitation of results gained by the young volunteers in a home environment after returning back.- Encouraging young people to become responsible EU citizens.- Transparent use of EU funds.The project individual EVS Small steps, big changes will begin 1. 1. 2016 and end on 1. 10. 2017 (20 months). The project will actively involve five young people from a Programme Country Erasmus +, aged from 18 to 30 years, balanced by sex (3 male and 2 females). Young people have different interests, level of education, non-formal knowledge and skills, so the project will bring diversity.Sending organizations Cooperation for Voluntary Service (Bulgaria), Itinéraire INTERNATIONAL PACA (France), Comune di Sarezzo (Italy), Asociatia Boomerang (Romania), Mobilität Jove Internacional del Maresme (Spain) host organization Youth center Krško (Slovenia).The project will take place in all local environments (preparation, finishing phase)off the partners; EVS activities will take place in Krsko. A volunteer from France arrives on the activity of 01/02/2016 and continues until 11/30/2016 , Italy on 01.05.2016 - 02.28.2017 , Spain from 1.1.2016 to 10.31.2016 , Bulgaria 01/03/2016 - 08/31/2016 and 01/09/2016 Romania - 02.28.2017.
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