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Small Enterprises Strategic Development Training

Clear strategic planning is the most important indicator for innovation anddevelopment processes, for a balanced growth and strengthening thecompany profile. To be able to plan strategically provides a competitiveadvantage to enterprises. It allows not only reacting to market fluctuationsbut to analyse and develop medium and longer term concepts forentering new markets, develop new business models etc. which arebringing added value to the enterprise. Finally it is one requirement tokeep innovative and to safeguard jobs of the individual employees. Inmost medium sized and bigger enterprises the creation andimplementation of strategic development processes is an important issue.But there is a lack in strategic planning in most small and microenterprises (plans, there is less evidence of strategic thinking in comparison to largerbusinesses. In general the project results are targeting small enterprisesof all sectors – important is the size of the addressed companies and jointconditions because of being small. The potential users of the projectresults are managers, owners or employees who are taking strategicdecisions. A wider target is all people interested in managementquestions (educational institutions, students, etc.). AIMS: The goal of theproject Strategy-Train is to develop innovative learning models and (e-)learning content which is flexible enough to address the specific needsof the target group (e.g. time and place flexibility), is adoptable andmodular (e.g. different backgrounds, sectors) and reflects the practicalneeds of the end users. The learning models and content will considerstrengths of on-site and e-learning (blended learning) and will includefacilities for trans-national virtual collaboration (virtual learning groups,study cycles and coaching). The following list of steps of the projectimplementation shows the main interim results of the project:• Crossculturalanalyses: A small study will be performed that serves as basis forthe elaboration of the learning models and content. The needs of smalland micro enterprises will be assessed and analysed.• Development ofthe learning model: A blended learning model combining on site and elearningcomponents will be elaborated which meets the needs ofmanagement staff in small enterprises.• Elaboration of the Strategy-Traincurriculum: A modular curriculum for strategy training will be elaborated.•Learning Content: Learning materials and guidelines about thesematerials will be elaborated. The materials will include different modules.•Implementation of the e-learning modules: This addresses the technicalimplementation of the e-learning modules. • Pilot application and testcycles: In close connection to the implementation the modules will betested and reworked. • Development of the final Strategy-Train trainingprogramme. The main products will be available in six languages (BG,DE, EL, EN, FI, PT). The project is supported by relevant stakeholderswhat underlines the importance of the project and strengthensvalorisation activities. No curricula and training programs exist, whichreally address specifically staff in small and smallest enterprises. Alsotheory, good practice examples and case studies address larger SMEs –if at all addressing SMEs. So the project is innovative because it providesa new approach for a target group which so far has not been addressedin detail.
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