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Slavic Cultures - Looking for Similarities
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project "Slavic Cultures - Looking for Similarities" is to create opportunities to rebuild historical and cultural ties that Slavic nations have with each other, and which nowadays are often forgotten, looking at the relationship only through the prism of economic and political relations. This project aims to show participants how close is the culture of all five countries - Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, despite the fact of being in different political circles. All these countries belong to the Slavic culture, but for many years the roads were completely different, which determined their subsequent fate in efforts to join the European Union, in the development of regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe. This ensures that in recent decades, cultural closeness of Slavic countries has been forgotten, suppressed by political and economic realities. The younger generation, which doesn't have a baggage of experience, should have the chance to develop their own opinion on this subject, contribute to deepening the dialogue between countries, experience the actual cultural proximity and use the resulting from it, existing opportunities.The specific objectives of the project are:1) Deepening intercultural dialogue by showing common elements, values and interests of Member States of the European Union;2) Strengthening international cooperation through cultural integration and mutual understanding;3) Presentation of youth opportunities and benefits that come with mutual cooperation with other countries and the EU in general;4) Showing the role of young people in their communities, as those who can contribute to the promotion and dissemination of common ideas and values, contributing to exploit existing relationships;5) Promoting non-formal learning and presenting opportunities offered by information and communication technologies in movement within modern states and societies;6) Promoting language learning as a means of understanding the proximity of other nations, as well as the road to find themselves in foreign labor markets, which are often closer than it seems young people;7) Encouraging young people to take such initiatives in the future and increasing their openness to other societies and their cultures, both as students and young workers;8) Showing Ukrainian Youth the cultural proximity of Member States of the European Union, and support for their efforts towards gradual integration, which has a strong base in the form of common cultural values.The project participants will be 42 people - young people from Croatia, Polish, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine, at the age of 18-30 years. They are involved in the activities of their organizations as volunteers, acting on behalf of their local community (within school, college, work), theyr are interested in deepening international cooperation, knowledge of other cultures and broadening their competences through the use of existing opportunities and possibilities.The main activity of the project is a Youth Exchange - partner countries, which is scheduled for October 15-23, 2016 in Zakopane, Poland. In this initiative are involved four Member States of the European Union - Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, as well as the partner country - Ukraine.The basic elements, which form part of the various activities included in the Schedule of action will be:1) Thematic workshops, including languistic and culinary, stimulating creativity and creative thinking;2) Simulation games;3) Working in mixed groups on tasks and challenges (creating posters, photos, videos, etc.);4) Interaction with local people;5) Active environment discovering;6) Open discussions;7) Presentations;8) Evaluation and summing up sessions allowing for the deepening of the process of self-reflection and assessment of acquired competences.All of them will be based on the principles of intercultural education, a holistic approach and an own contribution of the participants.During the exchange participants will have the opportunity to participate in activities, using non-formal education methodologies, being to each other's students and teachers at the same time."Slavic Cultures - Looking for Similarities" will allow participants to develop in terms of competence - that these completely new, as well as those possessed that young people will just develop. This refers both to expand the knowledge on other countries, their cultures, the similarities between them, existing opportunities, but also on acquired experience, skills and attitudes. They will allow young people to have positive impacts on their societies, by transferring their competences and vision of cultural proximity of other states, giving an impulse to bring closer 5 countries, to intensify integration processes and to point out the multitude of existing opportunities, not only for Youth, but for whole societies.
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