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Skvalitnením odborných kompetencií učiteľov zvyšovať a inovovať kvalitu výučby na medzinárodnej úrovni
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

J. Horák Primary School represents the kind of an institution which is honestly open to internationalization and the school representatives together with the highly motivated teaching staff have been indicating their ambitions and potential to upgrade and modernize the teaching process in accordance with current educational trends on the international levels.The school definitely realizes the fact that becoming the valuable and competitive educational institution within the European Union needs to develop foreign languages competence skills and abilities of the teachers to use a foreign language fluently in theiprofession.Furthermore, we understand that achieving our needs within the European Development Plan is possible to implement through highly qualified and motivated teachers whose professional qualities, motion and passion will enable to upgrade their professional education as well as improve their professional competences, although the teacher´s profession has not been efficiently valued and is often considered to be an extremely time - consuming profession.The main objective of the mobility project is teacher‘s training.Secondary goals are following: Providing professional and career development based on the mediation of innovative content and teaching methods,Using ICT in the teaching process,Improving language skills and competences, Learning about the culture, history, customs and traditional backgrounds of the countries, Getting experience from the international project organization, Increasing of self-confidence and satisfaction in a daily professional life.Participants of the project are two employees of the J. Horák Primary School.The first participant is a deputy head teacher of the Primary Education who also teaches English language at the primary level of education and represents the coordinator of the presented project. In a previous few years she attended several training courses focused on English language communication skills and skills in Information and Communication Technologies. As a school representative, the applicant is highly motivated to keep and develop the progress and prosperity of the educational institution on the international level.The experience obtained from this project will enable to improve her managment skills and internationalization strategies, and finally, will meet the needs of the European Development Plan.The second participant is a teacher of German language and Russian language, and she can also speak fluent English language. She teaches students of the secondary level. This participant will be able to implement all the obtained project experience in her profession – teaching German language and Russian language. She is a graduate of several English language courses as well as the ICT competences. Participation in the specialized structured courses will enable to increase participants‘ professional competences in the field of innovation and creativity of a teaching process as well as abilities to use ICT effectively in teaching technologies. Thanks to the mobilities and project participation will both applicants meet the opportunities to eliminate imperfections and shortcomings especially in phonetics and also improve their knowledge of vocabulary, morphology and grammar sections of the language.Highly important is the fact that during their stay the participants will obtain information and experience concerning the language of the country, culture, traditions and customs of the population in the country of residence, and will utilize obtained experience in a teaching process.Project participants will take part in two structured courses:1st course: innovation and creativity in teaching, 2nd course: teaching by using ICT technologies- Obtained language skills will be completely utilized by the deputy teacher of the school as they will help to establish new cooperation possibilities and through the improved English language communication skills with foreign partners will also contribute to improve the school government more effectively,-Project experience, knowledge and skills will be shared and disseminated with the colleagues in the form of presentations, didactic days or open class lessons, - New and innovative approaches and methods will be implemented in the educational process in order to increase the interest of students to communicate in a foreign language and encourage their creativity in project work,-Special knowledge gained from using the ICT will be used in a teaching process which enables to increase the professionalism, modernization and innovation of the teaching process as well as the students‘motivation,- Based on project and organizational experience from this project the school will apply for the participation in international projects and this will enable to participate in teachers or selected students‘ mobilies. Both participants will receive Europass mobility.
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