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“Skuteczny instruktor – efektywny policjant – szkolenie zawodowe lubelskiej policji w wymiarze europejskim”
Start date: Sep 15, 2014, End date: Sep 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays when the working tools are changing so fast and knowledge and skills acquired during the basic training are not sufficient through the whole period of the professional life, lifelong learning is indispensable - the police officers is obliged to train and upskill through the whole service. In accordance with the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs dated 19.06.2007 on the specific rules of the training and vocational training on the Police force, the local vocational training is conducted by the police officers having experience, knowledge and skills, and in case it is necessary the instructors certificates. The character of the work of the instructors requires a constant training, exchange of experiences and elaborating the effective teaching models. Recent incidents concerning clumsy police interventions, publicized by the media, provoked the discussion on the police environment, reminding about the necessity of improving the quality of the vocational training, and the results of the control conducted by the Highest Chamber of Control revealed the unsatisfactory realization of the tasks in the scope of improving the professional competences and skills by the police officers. Learning through the observation of the foreign instructors conducting the trainings is one of the most effective learning methods. The participants of the project in the direct contact get to know the work methods of the foreign instructors and the ways of using them in practice. Due to the limited financial means in the Police, the police officers have litlle possibilities to get to know the working methods of the police instructors from other countries, planning methods, methods of conducting the vocational training as well as innovative solutions in the scope of police tactics and techniques. The objective of the project was to improve the quality and effectiveness of the vocational training of the Lublin police as well as the vocational police training on the national and European level through: • improvement of the competences and skills of the police officers in the scope of vocational training thanks to the participation in the educational motilities, in accordance with the idea of the lifelong learning, • introducing the innovative practice learned abroad to the methodology of the trainings and use of the innovative training materials elaborated as the results of the project implementation, • improvement of the language competences and intercultural awarness of the project’s participants • facilitating the professional development of the police officers, • supporting the institutional development of the Regional Police Headquarters in Lublin through the improvement of the methods and techniques of the vocational training, • development of the co-operation between the project’s partners. Project aimed to exchange knowledge and experiences and improve the competences in the scope of methodology of the vocational police training through the organization of the educational mobility for 36 representatives of the staff responsible for the training of the Lublin police garrison officers, in cooperation with Czech, Estonian, Maltese, Cyprus, Lithuanian and German Police. Acquiring knew knowledge and exchange of experiences with the police from other EU countries in the scope of innovative solutions concerning the police training methodology and tactics and techniques of police actions enables to the Lublin police officers learn and then to teach and share the acquired knowledge on the regional level (cascade training), on the national level (seminar summing up the project) and on the international level (participation of six EU member countries)report sent to the liaison officers of foreign police forces accredited in Poland). It will improve the quality of the police vocational training, the effectiveness of the police work and in long term perspective it will improve safety on the regional, national and European. Moreover the realization of the project will promote the lifelong learning idea and Erasmus plus programme.
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