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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Primary school Frana Kranjca Celje is a highly-qualitative, professional, modern, content-rich, development-oriented and an open school. We are aware that qualitative process of the school is not something that should be taken for granted, so we evaluate our work constantly, we look for our strong fields and make changes. With the project The CONCERN for the QUALITY of TEACHING and LEARNING we want to enrich the professional and personal competencies of our employees, we aim to raise the quality of teaching and learning, to make the lessons more interesting, varied and dynamic, where students would be motivated and active participants in the process and thus enable the development of skills and development of critical thinking among students.We are planning the mobility for four of our professional workers who wish to upgrade their knowledge, mainly in the field of introduction of new methodologies and approaches in the field of school lessons and other extracurricular activities, to improve the knowledge of English and gain experience at international level.They are going to participate in structured courses in the field of natural sciences (getting knowledge in the field of didactics in natural sciences, new approaches to learning and new ways to use the external environment in the field of education, the use of modern technology in science); English (different approaches and methods in teaching, preparation of materials for students); and for the needs of the first and second triad classes (the promotion of interactive teaching methods and knowledge of modern didactic games).Goals of the project are:1. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Participant of the project will acquire knowledge with the introduction of modern methods of work for learning and teaching in various subjects (sports, Science, English, etc.), they will make awareness of cross-cultural and a European dimensions in teaching foreign languages and integrate them into English lessons and into other school subjects. They will also make awareness of the importance of lifelong learning.2. APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE We believe that mobility will contribute to greater motivation, the participants of the project will pass on the new competences in their working environment among the students and among the rest of teachers. That will increase the quality of teaching and learning, enrich the lessons and a number of other compulsory activities and the activities of the expanded programme.3. DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS Of participants we expect to disseminate results of the integration of innovative practices and new approaches for students. By preparing workshops, producing materials and publishing articles we would like to inform employees, professionals across the country and the general public. We expect a positive and long lasting impact on all participants and the following results: better school success within pupils, better knowledge of foreign languages, and increased quality of everyday school teaching and learning in the benefit of the students. A greater motivation and enhanced cooperation with partners from other countries are also expected.The increase in quality and the development of the school as a result of the new knowledge and the development of students and employees will have no doubt also the effect on the parental organization. With a variety of dissemination activities the visibility and reputation of the school in its environment will increase, on local, national and international level. At the project we made use of the following methodology: planning the project with a clearly and precisely defined competences and strictly defined effects in school practice, managing project documentation, reporting and evaluating the areas of monitoring the development of the project, and clearly defined activities of dissemination of the results.As a school we strive for concrete and practical effects of life such as: useful knowledge, general education, knowledge comparable to international level, reading and functional literacy, personal, social and environmental maturity. We give great emphasis on internationalization, as we operate in such a way that all education, in-service training for professional staff, present the opportunity to actualize the gained ideas, skills and competences in practice, to regularly evaluate our work, in order to ensure their sustainability also on wider, national level.
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