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Skola-vieta ilgtspējīgai izaugsmei
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of the project: School as a place for sustainable development.One of the current trends in the education is related to school system optimization in the country, improving the quality of education and expanding its functions. To realise the previously mentioned objectives it is necessary to educate school teachers – to acquire new knowledge and skills for teaching/learning process improvement and develop skills to work with adults in lifelong learning context.The objectives of the project:1) to improve teaching/learning quality at school developing new interest education programs and updating the present programs in English, Latvian and visual arts, integrating ICT and foreign language in teaching/learning process;2) to develop teachers’ professional knowledge and skills emphasising the English language and ICT skills;3) to involve students’ parents and other local people in lifelong learning - acquisition of English and ICT skills.The participants of the project: the school director (works also as a Latvian teacher); English teachers (2) and a visual arts teacher.The following activities will be realised within the project: 1) intensive English training for the project participants (2 weeks); 2) mobilities, the participants will attend the courses: “Action Methods Improving Motivation and Quality in Learning Environment”, “Creative Learning and Teaching using ICT and the cultural environment” and “Interactive Teaching - Using Educational Games and New Technology in order to enhance learners’ motivation”; 3) new methodological materials using ICT to enhance students’ creativity and critical thinking skills, some of them will be digital materials; 4) a new interest education program – Acquisition of English with the help of ICT for the 9th grade students; 5) ICT training for school teachers (8 classes 1.5 hours each); 6) methodological materials - ICT and English classes for adults; 7) training organization for adults and conducting the classes (3 months, once a week); 8) planning and realization of an eTwinning project in cooperation with foreign schools. Impact of the project – teachers will have the possibility to use ICT tools for organizing creative lessons according to future demands of education and students’ interests with the help of multimedia, online teaching activities, digital materials and develop learning projects. After the project completion the teachers will have improved their foreign language skills, understanding of international education dimension as well as cooperation and communication skills. The diverse and effective teaching/learning process will increase students’ motivation and achievement and it will attract more students to the school, particularly in secondary education stage. Teachers will share experience with their students about foreign culture thus widening students’ horizons, understanding of foreign culture; motivating students to learn about other countries culture, study foreign language and cooperate with students from other countries developing projects. Students could become more interested in learning possibilities abroad, taking part in student exchange programs. Local citizens and students’ parents involved in the project will have possibility not only to improve their knowledge and skills thus improving their competitiveness in local labor market but also to meet and communicate with other people because people there have limited possibilities to spend time together. The students’ parents will become more involved in school life, they will be better informed about their children’s achievements and problematic issues.As a result, we will develop the idea of sustainable school as a place where people can get qualitative lifelong education and develop each individual’s potential.
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