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Skills Transfer for Event Managers

Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Exhibitions, Conferences, Festivals – these are all part of a massive Events Industry which has a huge financial impact on the European economy. The great challenge is to recognize and understand the needs of the industry in each country, identify the universal themes across Europe and then train cultural event managers for the future.STEM began by identifying the needs of the sector by asking culture and arts events professionals what they wanted from their existing staff, their newest employees and event managers of the future. From this came a concept called “Principles of Cultural Event Management.”Those principles formed the basis of a course which recognises real sector needs, is based on original research, is relevant to nations across Europe, and trains the cultural event managers of the future.The project focused on the learning materials developed and used in the UK to achieve the Event Manager qualification standards. These materials have been developed by Gecko Programmes, and then enhanced, adapted, and transfered to Italy, Portugal, France, and Poland, so that vocational learners could be supported to achieve a standard of competence that was initially developed in the UK and could become relevant for Event Managers who are mobile across European borders and beyond. A training programme came to be successfully delivered in Italy, Poland, France and Portugal. The transfer of innovation was realized through the following steps:- Adaptation of the innovation to local contexts and needs- Translation of the innovation into Italian, French, Polish and Portuguese- Pilot run - the EDI Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Event Management was tested within the project partners. The aim of this phase was to test the materials and to identify needed changes to ensure local-context adaptation and “Europeanization” of the innovation for future wider EU transfer. - Monitoring activities and an improvement plan- Final versions - the EDI Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Event Management was enhanced and become applicable in the context of the involved countries. It was a starting point toward the definition of National Qualification Standards (except UK).- Dissemination
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