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Skills training in developing 'best practice' procedures for safety-critical tasks with an emphasis on a participative organisational culture

Current safety standards for the chemical and manufacturing sectors are often not transferred from legislation and guidelines into practice because of the absence of procedures and training in how to do this. This project will fill this training gap by providing job supervisors, safety and training officers and engineers with the communication skills to impart and gain knowledge about workforce practices in relation to safety procedures. The project will pay attention to the learning needs of different employees when devising an implementation strategy for safety procedures. To this end the project will enhance safety procedures in the workplace whilst making sure that guidelines and legislation are not ignored. The project will collect data about problems in the application of safety procedures in the industry and will identify the training needs of target groups by means of a questionnaire applied to different companies in the partner countries. The main focus of the project will be the development of training procedures that can be used by different employees and which will reflect knowledge gathered on both 'best practice' and 'worst practice'. Two training seminars will be developed for the project's industry partners, while the University partners will be responsible for developing a user-friendly, flexible, CD-Rom-based training course. Project partners also plan to incorporate the project's results into national industry safety standards. Dissemination will be aided by the involvement of the UK partner, which represents the European Process Safety Centre. At the end of the project a seminar will be held on the 'development of skills for writing procedures' in relation to safety-critical tasks. The project's internet site will make available all material following the industry questionnaire survey and resulting information on best and worst safety practices.

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