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Skills and professional competence in gastronomy depth by European placement
Start date: 29 Aug 2016, End date: 28 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Through the project "Skills and professional competence in gastronomy, depth by European placement” we believe that we have a real opportunity to exceed the targets and goals of centering the vocational education on practice-formative dimension. This dimension should provide the training of future vocational high school graduates directly connected with the requirements of the labor market in the tourism and food field by conducting practical training related with the specialized modules in Spain and Cyprus organizations, which have facilities and equipment necessary to conduct business in compliance with EU food safety legislation.In this regard, our project is based on the following general objective:The deepening and diversifying specialized training in direct relation to the competitive labor market in Tourism and Food Supply to improve the quality of education and training and improving the transition from school to work.The specific objectives of the project are:1. Developing the skills and practical abilities of students concerning the recognition and enforcement of basic operations to obtain gourmet products and rendering services of superior quality.2. Deepening of knowledge and basic abilities regarding gourmet principles, promotion of serving activities, organization and coordination of protocol service.3. Facilitating the integration in the European labor market by contact with a new economic and socio-cultural environment.4. Development of a transnational partnership to support young people mobility and to help increase attractiveness and quality.The target group is 32 students: 16 from 10th grade, level 3 qualification (junior high), technological path, Base training field Tourism and Food, General training field Food; 16 from 11th grade, technological path, Banqueting organizer.The internship is part of the practical activities provided by the 11th class school curriculum (Annex nr. 2 la OMEdC nr. 3172/30.01.2006) for the following modules: Hygiene, Safety and Environment Protection – 30 hours and Offer for Menus – 60 hours, modules included in the curriculum for 11th grade, technological path, level 4 qualification Banqueting Organizer and, respectively, part of practical training provided by the school curricula for 10th grade (Annex 2 OMECI nr. 4463/12.07.2010), Base training field Tourism and Food, General training field Food access condition for Cook, Baker, Pastry chef, Waiter for the following modules: “Assortment of dishes and drinks” – 70 hours, “Serving dishes and drinks” – 20 hours.The main activities to be carried out for implementing the project are:1. Designation of the project management team2. Local and regional information campaign about the project and its opportunities3. Preparing of the contract with the National Agency and its signing4. Selection of participants5. Detailing the Training Agreement with the host organization6. Organization of training the participants7. Preparing travel arrangements8. Running internship9. After internship:-Validation and recognition of learning outcomes through internship by the beneficiary organization, evaluated and validated in accordance with the procedures for quality assurance and Romanian legislation (Order nr. 4931/august 2008).-Dissemination of project results and ensuring its sustainability measures.The working methodology will be based on: establishing clear roles within the partnership through “Memorandum of Understanding”, a project management plan, compiling a description of the activities and processes needed to meet the objectives and achieve the expected results, financial and technical paperwork. Expected results: increasing, improving, deepening knowledge and professional skills, attested by the results of the evaluations and the Europass certificate and providing the related credit points.By gearing formative experience covered by the 32 participants, they can become "trainers" with own generation mates and can bring added value and professionalism in their future stages of practical training they will take place in the various specialized units in the area, increasing the chance of being engaged and become active in the Romanian and European labor market.
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